Now that Easter is fast approaching, our thoughts traditionally turn to the most enduring symbol of Easter in the western world: The Easter Bunny. But while the Easter Bunny holds a special place in our hearts as the bringer of peace, goodwill and chocolate eggs, there are other bunnies out there that are hell bent on destruction.

Origins of Bellinger’s Killer Bunnies

Killer Bunnies is a whirlwind, action-filled card game where players set out to destroy as many of their opponents’ Bunnies as possible before they are themselves done-in.  Simultaneously chaotic, nasty, silly, vengeful and hilarious, Killer Bunnies and its many variations has a long, interesting history.

Originally designed as a board game in Jersey, NY in 1989, Killer Bunnies was conceived by the highly imaginative and artistic Jeffrey Neil Bellinger – maths teacher and former US Navy veteran. A seasoned traveller, confirmed people watcher and avid science fiction and pop culture fan, Bellinger filled his game with many hidden messages, including nods to his supportive friends and family.

Transformed into a satirical and fun card game in San Diego in 2000, Bellinger’s first run of 52 decks were meticulously hand cut and packaged as the AA series under the company name Sarsen’s Stuff. The first 10 decks ever made were unfortunately lost in transit, but decks 11 – 50 were kindly bought by Bellinger’s close knit supporters, and the game soon developed a loyal following of fans.

Each deck ever made by Sarsen’s Stuff was individually numbered, through to the BB, CC and Delta decks of 2001 – 2002. Every deck owner that registered their number during that time was made part of the enduring Bunny family at Killer Bunnies.

Bellinger and Playroom Entertainment

Since signing a licensing deal with Playroom Entertainment and creating the Epsilon Series, Bellinger and his game have come full circle with the launch of board game Killer Bunnies and the Journey to Jupiter. In whatever incarnation, Killer Bunnies continues to capture the imagination of eager gamers, hungry for a wacky, deadly and chocolate-free experience.

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