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Winner: Daniel Wilson 15/03/2010

From gencon straight to a Bucksnight at a strip club. Theres a lull in the festivities, so we just pull out Magic the gathering decks and play. Dancer knows the game (son plays) and asked if we had a “Shiven Dragon”


  1. We were playing Zooloretto and everyone was getting baby animals bar one single lady who said very loudly: “how come everyone is having babies except me?” – I don’t think she realised what she had said!

  2. During an intense game of chess, the room was silent as two of my mates played. My friend was in a diffcult position and hesitating when suddenly my cat jumped up the table, pushed one of his pieces, and, as it turned out, checkmated his opponent.

  3. It was playing Compatibility in 1998… there was about 6 of us and we were having a good time, then for no reason I started laughing… and laughing… and couldn’t stop. It was a bit contagious – first the others were confused then we all just laughed. F

  4. we need more entries!!!

  5. Game- Napoleon’s Triumph. As the Russian Tsar, I gave my subordinate command of my strong left wing, I ordered him to help me attack the centre of the French positions, clearly to his right. Apparently determining he didn’t know where the centre was or his right from his left, he duly marched his corps left, attacking the few miserable dribbles of French troops placed there deliberately to entice him. I threatened court marshal, exile and execution to the humour of the opposing commanders, but despite those idiotic actions, the Russians were victorious and Napoleon, despite a gallant fight, didn’t triumph.

  6. Gareth Perkins

    March 10, 2010 at 7:51 PM

    After a few drinks i was playing a game with my wordy friends. One player’s resentment grew as our scores pulled way ahead of his. Then -BANG- he snapped, stood up yelled ‘i’m not playing this stupid anymore!’ tipped up the board and stormed off. Hehe

  7. Playing why did the chicken with the question “why is a poodle envious of an alien” and someone writing “Have you ever been probed by a poodle”

  8. My grand dad was a very straight cut serious man. One night we convinced him to play UNO with us.
    For some reason he got all the pick up 2 or pick up 4 cards and he ended up having to hold a gazillion cards at once. We spent the evening laughing at him!

  9. I’ve fortunately worked for ‘Wizards of the Coast’ at GenConOz. While demonstrating Heroscape to a group of people, I noticed someone leaning over my shoulder. I turned to face this person and was incredibly surprised to find Darth Vader standing there. He asked seriously, in his best mechanical James Earl Jones voice, “What is this game?” I answered, “Heroscape your Dark Lord.” He seemed pleased with this answer. He replied,”Good. May the force be with you.” Vader turned and strode away, flanked by his special guard. After the shock of his visit passed, everyone erupted with laughter.

  10. Playing Rapidough with a group of awesome friends at a birthday party. It was super fun to guess all the weird and wonderful “works of art” that were created and the random and hopeful guesses shouted out. Even more fun when the teams started stealing dough 🙂

  11. My funniest gaming experience was when I invited two mates for a games evening. Midway through the first game, my friend through his arms up in a fit of excitment and through his back out. To the point where, for the rest of the evening he was forced to watch us play two player games lying on his back on the floor. It got worst as he couldn’t drive home so had to crash in the spare room and needed a hand to remove his clothing to go to the bathroom and get into bed! Fun times huh?

  12. I was playing D&D once. I sneezed (in real life), and the DM said, “Okay. You let out a massive shock-wave that knocks two goblins into opposite walls, while the third lands in the spikes, impaling itself. Now roll for damage!” I was stunned, believe me!

  13. Playing Warhammer 40,000 one night my friend Lawry and I had a major battle. Orks vs Eldar and it wasn’t pretty – time and again the battle swung on a die roll – and forces were being decimated.
    The fog of war lifted around turn 4 – to reveal a lone Ork and lone Eldar figure left standing – out of some 200 that had been on the board 1.5 hours ago.
    The next 15 mins were spent with the Eldar high-tailing it between buildings, as the excited Ork gave pursuit – only to discover the last building he entered was booby trapped – Boom! Victory!

  14. After finding my copy of Mouse Trap did not come with any cheese, the 9 year old in me decided to line up every other piece in the box along my back verandah and jump on them with my yellow gumboots. Funny in retospect, but boy was I mad at the time 😉

  15. From gencon straight to a Bucksnight at a strip club. Theres a lull in the festivities, so we just pull out Magic the gathering decks and play. Dancer knows the game (son plays) and asked if we had a “Shiven Dragon”

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