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Video Review: Runewars

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Runewars is an epic board game of conquest, adventure, and fantasy empires for two to four players. Designed by Corey Konieczka, Runewars pits players against each other in a strategic game of battles and area control, where they must gather resources, raise armies, and lay siege to heavily fortified cities.
Runewars takes place in the same popular fantasy universe as the best-selling board games Runebound and Descent: Journeys in the Dark, and dozens of fan-favorite heroes and monsters play their part. The wars for the dragon runes are beginning, and only one faction will emerge victorious. What would you do to claim the ultimate power?
Runewars includes:
A thorough 40-page instruction guide
Nearly two hundred highly-detailed plastic miniatures
Over two hundred tokens
Over two hundred cards, both small and standard sized
13 map tiles, each composed of multiple hexes and including stunning three-dimensional mountain terrain!

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  1. Peter Enzerink

    March 5, 2010 at 11:12 PM

    Argh! Why did they keep saying ruin rather than rune!

  2. Perhaps the accent may have something to do with it Peter ! 😉 Play nice

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