Girls are so much more than sugar, spice and all things nice. They can now be found leading large corporations, managing building sites and even rocketing off into outer space. Around the globe, the female gender is asserting itself, and nowhere is this growing confidence more evident than in the choices young girls are making for themselves. They know what they like – and what they want – they get! The recent girl-led phenomenon of Sticky Mosaics is a great example of “Girl Power” in action. This rare product not only promotes creativity, fun and learning, but also celebrates and encourages all things girly.

Sticky Mosaics are versatile.

Sticky Mosaics is an Orb Factory product, so you know the quality is exceptional. Kids can create beautiful mosaic artworks or decorate sturdy, practical craft objects such as a purse, jewellery box, diary or even their very own Princess Palace and Tiara. The budding photographer can even create gorgeous frames to display their photos. There are a huge variety of Sticky Mosaics products to choose from for ages 5 & up, and preschoolers 3 & up are just as hooked as their older sisters. My First Sticky Mosaics have extra large foam pieces that use a shape and colour matching system to inspire fun and learning in the very young.

Sticky Mosaics are low mess.

Forget about messy glues and complicated directions as each Sticky Mosaics kit contains easy to follow numbered templates. All self adhesive parts are supplied, with many kits containing beautiful jewels and holographic foil shapes to create dazzling art and craft works. With Sticky Mosaics, it’s easy for kids to feel a sense of accomplishment. They can take pride in the fact that they can achieve amazing, beautiful arts and crafts all on their own.  Many of the kits contain thousands of pieces that will be sure to keep them engrossed for many happy hours, so giving them their own little creative space would be ideal.

Sticky Mosaics is here to stay.

Sticky Mosaics is not just a fad. It’s here to stay for the long haul, because at Orb Factory, they care about kids’ diversity and cater for varied interests. Dragons, dinosaurs, pixies, fairies, ponies, unicorns, rock music, puppies, pirates, mermaids and even jungle animals are featured. In fact, My Jungle Adventure was voted one of Canada’s top ten toys of the year in 2007.  Fantasy and role playing is a huge part of the Sticky Mosaics experience. The little girl in your life can enjoy being a princess one day and a pirate on the high seas the next! In fact, some of these kits are also very appealing to the male gender such as the Kingly Crown craft item for little boys.

Sticky Mosaics secret of success.

Sticky Mosaics are a runaway success for a very good reason.  Most of their products promote “Girl Power”, without sacrificing all the fun things about being a girl – like being able to be creative, smart and sparkly at the same time. Now that’s something all females can aspire to.