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Board Game Weekly Giveaway! 25/04/2010 CLOSED

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By the looks of last weeks dismal response, we feel that you want something different as a prize. So, This week we have a

copy of the “Horus heresy board game”.

Competition Question

Keeping in theme with Horus Heresy: Tell us in 100 hundred word or less Your most “Treacherous” or “Heroic” game move…?

The winner will be chosen by Games Paradise Australia on relevance, use of humour, style and content on April 26th 2010 and contacted by email by a Games Paradise Australia representative. This is a game of skill. Chance plays no part in determining the winner.

Entries close 25th April, 11:59pm 2010!

Winner Announced 26th April 2010!

Winner – Rick Underwood 25/04/2010

Friday D&D. Wooden ship aflame. “I’ll swing on this burning rope, grab the key from the pirate’s hand and swing back!” Roll, roll. Oh.. I swung on the burning rope, fell through the hatch into the hold and mobbed by frenzied smuggled animals. Very heroic!


  1. My most treacherous move was in Settlers of Catan. In the second game I ever played, I traded away my excess sheep to several players. That very same turn I played a monopoly card to return all the sheep to my hand, landing me a fist full of resources!

  2. Not my treachery, but someone else’s: Allying with a friend in order to wipe out a common enemy. Allowing his armies to occupy my territory to achieve this endeavour. Watching him break the alliance and wipe out my entire empire from within my own bases.

  3. Treacherous! At a crucial point in Settlers of Catan having a handful of hard to come by wheat trading them all away expensivly (two or three to one) then playing the monopoly card on wheat and getting them all back!

  4. Best move I ever made was in dominion. Set up so there was a Witch card in there, and let the other player take them all and punish me with the curse cards. I just waited till the end and trashed them, and won by a point!

  5. Mine is actually a collection of traitorous actions by yours teaching a game of Bohnanza to 2 cousins half my age and my girlfriend. What had started as a friendly game quickly degenerated into chaos as I backstabbed and manipulated my way to Bean Glory!!

  6. My most treacherous game move was during a game of Blood Bowl (2nd edition). I had the opportunity to severely injure, and possibly destroy, a player of the opposing team by means of a lightning strike spell. There were several choices but it came down to two star players. Not being able to decide, I rather nicely asked my opponent which of these two players he would prefer me to attack, heard his response, smiled, nodded, and then promptly struck the other one with lightning!

  7. The game was Battlelore. Enemy on all sides, I was going down fighting. I played my best cards and charged out, but alas again soundly defeated by 10 year old son. I tell myself I will win one day.

  8. Mikhail Bonch-Osmolovskiy

    April 21, 2010 at 10:53 AM

    This move has served me well in Settlers of Catan: ask everyone for a trade to determine what they have, without actually trading anything, then play the monopoly card on the most common resource, sit back and smile benignly.
    As for “heroic” moves, I’d say playing to maximize your Evilometer score in Dungeon Lords so that you may fight the paladin is pretty heroic. But somehow that doesn’t seem to have the right vibe.

  9. Tommy Dean Linkous

    April 21, 2010 at 10:53 AM

    Blood Bowl, also from Warhammer universe, defines treachery! But for all the evil play available, the most divisive issue at tournament level is last turn fouls! Some love, many more hate!
    CanCon 2007, final table. Game tied, points tied, Champion will be determined by most casualties, and as last turn looms there is only one way to achieve this. Blitz knocks down an Amazon but she survives the hit. With the entire tournament watching, gather 4 players around the fallen warrior lass and drop the dice! Clatter, roll, spin…double 5’s! Foul success to take the trophy!

  10. Five player Carcassonne. Suzanne and I shared a BIG CITY. I got the right tile to finish it. Suzanne grinned as I showed it and then froze as I placed it adjacent with another meeple on it. My next tile joined it and I won a 94 pt city and the game!

  11. Friday D&D. Wooden ship aflame. “I’ll swing on this burning rope, grab the key from the pirate’s hand and swing back!” Roll, roll. Oh.. I swung on the burning rope, fell through the hatch into the hold and mobbed by frenzied smuggled animals. Very heroic!

  12. As the Space Marines, the Heavy Flamer saved the day by protecting the flank from Genestealers. I killed more than 20 as the rest of the team ran to the objective. He was eventually overcome, but what a heroic death.

  13. My most treacherous move was when my friends and I were playing spoons, and three were on the final S, so I faked a grab midway through the passing, and all three grabbed the items in the middle, and all lost simultaneously, haha!

  14. My most treacherous game move would be playing settlers of catan and trading resources with someone that they thought they needeed to win the game only to beat them to the win.

  15. My Treacherous and Heretical move is to sloooooow the pass right down when the parcel gets to me on “Pass the Parcel” at kids parties..

  16. My most heroic move would be to hand my opponent a box of tissues as i rain down bombardments from Magnus The Red.

  17. The most treacherous game I have been involved with was a game of Carcassonne where an arrogant player was systematically played out of every field, by his friends to teach him a lesson. The game never finished as the table was tipped 10 or so tiles from the end

  18. I allowed several players to change their moves as no one new the game well, but when I wanted to change mine my treacherous wife would not allow it, from now on I will make her stick exactly to the rules, no changing once the finger is off the piece.

  19. My most treacherous move would be anytime I have complelled another player to eat their own meeple with the dragon in Carcassonne!!

  20. Most treacherous? I had a L5R game where one character of our group turned against the rest and left us for dead at the hands of an Oni mage. Survived, went into disguise, and spent every cent and several months destroying their honor and wealth.

  21. Cameron MacFarland

    April 25, 2010 at 11:44 PM

    In a game of Settlers of Catan two players were racing each other for a resource port. I was on the other side of the board and while I was interested in that port I was thinking I couldn’t reach it. My turn came and I rolled enough for 3 roads. I realized with 3 roads and the 2 road-building cards I could reach the port and build on it before my opponents. So I did, bisecting the board in the process. The port, along with longest road won me the game.

  22. My base treachery was in a game of Battlestar Galactica. I was a hidden Cylon who got put in the brig. I waited as I knew they had no proof of my guilt. They soon let me out. This proved my innocence to the humans. I won by letting a nuke bust the ship!

  23. Faced with just my “10 point filler” unit in a Heroscape tournament I managed to avoid my opponents onslaught and take out his last 220 point worth of units for the win. GO ISAMU!!!

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