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Gamewright Games – taking on the world

Gamewright Games may be based in Newton Massachusetts, USA, but their numerous award-winning games have found happy homes all over the world.  Founded by four parents in 1994, their mission was to produce high quality family games that simply rocked! These guys have worked hard to create over 50 unique games that cater for a range of ages from 3 to 103.

Awards galore

Winning a swag of well-deserved awards over the past 15 years, Gamewright have the right mix of ingredients in every game, such as superior construction, attractive graphics and packaging, clever game plays, educational value and bucket loads of fun. Because of their genuine parental experience with children, Gamewright gets kids, so kids respond positively and enthusiastically.  Price wise, they are also very good value, making game playing an inexpensive way to bring families together. One of Gamewright’s main aims is to foster sharing and friendship, which are important social skills for people of all ages.

Lost the rules? No worries!

Most Gamewright games are pretty easy to learn, but if you lose your rule book, they’re available for download in PDF format from their website. It’s just another caring touch that shows that despite their meteoric success, Gamewright hasn’t lost touch with its audience.

Best Gamewright family games.

There are so many Gamewright games to choose from – including board, card or dice games – it’s hard to know how to judge which ones are best. But you can’t go wrong with any of the following games, which have all beat stiff competition to win many coveted awards.

3 years and up

6 years and up

8 years and up

10 years and up

Can you recommend your favourite Gamewright games? Either ones that bring you together as a family or that your kids love to play with their friends?  I’m looking forward to your picks.

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  1. I bought Loot as an impulse purchase and its been popular with our gaming group. We added our own rules we found on the net – specifically if you put out a pirate ship you have to say “Arrrr!” and if you put out a merchant ship you say “Ahoy!” and if you put out a captain you say “Avast!” Its a short, easy to teach, good fun game with some tactical choices to make using the cards you draw.

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