Most people have at least one secret, guilty pleasure to pick them up when down or give them a bit of a thrill. Chocolate or a long, leisurely bubble bath usually does the trick, but I wasn’t surprised when a close friend of mine recently confided to me their own wicked addiction – TV game shows!  It turns out she just can’t get enough of them and indulges at any opportunity. Deal or No Deal, Spicks and Specks, Millionaire Hot Seat and Talkin’ Bout my Generation are just a few of her current favourites.

The next best thing to being there.

While my friend usually knows what she wants and how to get it, she actually didn’t know that many of her favourite TV game shows are also published board games. Now she can enjoy the game show experience wherever and whenever she likes. I’ve always wondered why people are content to watch other people having fun on TV game shows, when it’s so easy to get a few friends or family members together and create a similar experience at home.  Almost all games in this genre only require a minimum of two players, so why not invite a friend to “come on down” and play?

Which TV game shows make great board games?

Deal or No Deal has to be the most successful game show in Australian history. Now you can bring the effervescent and always upbeat Mr Andrew O’Keefe into your home with the Deal or No Deal DVD edition, and start bargaining hard with the bank for your chance to win. Temptation may no longer be prime time entertainment, but the board game still rocks. Play The Fame Game, Sprint Rounds, The Vault and Fast Money. It even comes with authentic buzzers and an interactive DVD.

Are you smarter than a 5th Grader?

Have you ever been stumped by a tough question on Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader? With over 2,500 questions, the board game version is easy to play and has a cool illuminated touch screen and stylus. Questions are sourced from the school curriculum from 1st – 5th grade, so there’s a good chance you’ll know at least some of the answers. Only the US version is currently available in Australia, so questions have an American bias, but this only makes it more challenging.

Spicks and Specks, The Price is Right and Wheel of Fortune are ultra hip.

I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like watching the ultra-hip Spicks and Specks trivia game, so imagine how much more fun it is to play yourself!  Its over-the-top quirky and energetic so you’ll be doodling, singing and shouting out all the answers in no-time – most likely all at once! And a couple of hip, reinvented classics from the 70’s include The Price is Right – DVD edition for 3+ players and Wheel of Fortune DVD edition for 2+ players.

Recreate the game show experience at home.

TV game shows may be fun to watch, but playing them will take your indulgence to a whole new level.  If you’d like to take up the challenge of being on a TV game show, but are a little wary of being immortalised on film, why not play the board game versions at home instead? Then only your friends and family will remember your amazing triumphs or humiliating inability to answer easy 1st grader questions. It’s also an inexpensive form of entertainment, because when it comes to board games, the price is always right!