With Mothers’ Day looming yet again, it got me thinking about what Mums really want. Sure some Chanel No.5 or some pampering at a Day Spa wouldn’t be frowned upon as gifts, but these are merely superficial luxuries. Mums really crave what every aspiring beauty queen does. World Peace! Well in their own homes at least.

Board games may be the magic “bonding” bullet for the busy modern family. They have a special knack of not only being able to unite the whole family together in the same room and at the same table, but in spirit as well. Shared interests and fun times unite people in friendship and most families, whether they’re nuclear, blended or in constant flux, can benefit from a little T.L.C.

Superglue your family.

There are lots of classic family games, guaranteed to superglue families together. The best ones take the old adage ‘the more the merrier” to heart and allow at least 4 people to play at once. Suitability for children is also a necessary quality to make a family game great. Plus, many games offer a Junior Edition for the smallest family members who may be keen to join in the fun. And some Junior Editions are so good, they can easily be enjoyed by the whole family. So without further ado, here’s my Top Ten family game picks for this Mothers’ Day.

The top ten family board games are:

1. Cranium – Family Edition

2. Pictionary (Junior Edition available)

3. Trivial Pursuit – Family Edition

4. Rapidoh

5. Scrabble (Junior Edition available)

6. Twister (It’s really yoga with laughter!)

7. Monopoly (Junior Edition available)

8. Bananagrams

9. Articulate  (Junior Edition available)

10. Charades (Junior Edition available)

What’s in? What’s out?

So why did some great games face the axe while others made the cut? All the games listed have stood the test of time, so there are no newbies on the list. Some games were just too adult and others too challenging for sensitive types, like Sorry. I chose games that may test your memory, develop your language skills, stimulate your creativity, tickle your funny bone and even hone your skills as a yoga master! Your socialising, competitive or cooperative skills may also get a boost while you plan and scheme for world domination! (Okay, so that’s another game!) Seriously, why wouldn’t you play board games with your family? It’s a rite of passage for any well adjusted person.

What makes a family game a classic?

Classic games earn the title classic, because they don’t date. Plus, they’re creative, have the ability to reinvent themselves and most of all, they’re fun to play. Simple! Oh, and they help promote World Peace!