Intrigue, murder, mystery and depravity! Women can’t get enough of it! Recent research has revealed what women already know – that they love nothing more than solving a spicy whodunit to confirm their superior powers of deduction. In fact 75% more women than men are totally addicted to the crime thriller genre, whether it be books, movies, TV shows, card or board games. Whatever the media, women thrive on crime – and the gorier the better! Especially if there’s a bit of passion thrown in as well.

Channelling Jessica Fletcher

I also love a good whodunit, so I can totally relate to this fascination with all things macabre. Even better if I can help solve the mystery before anyone else! Beating the detectives or fellow sleuths to find the real criminal is the main appeal of this genre.  It’s why everyone loves Angela’s Lansbury’s character in Murder She Wrote. Jessica Fletcher is always one step ahead of the cops and portrays a character that women can strongly relate to.

Challenge your powers of deduction

In the spirit of Agatha Christie, the crime thriller genre offers a diverse range of fantastic games that will test your sleuthing skills. Cleudo (for ages 8 and up) is a great family game that will challenge your powers of deduction and ability to analyse a complex web of evidence. How to Host a Murder (for ages 16 and up) combines role-playing with good old-fashioned murder and mayhem. There’s a range of editions to choose from, such as An Affair to Dismember, Saturday Night Cleaver and Roman Ruins.

Role-play crime scene investigators

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation The Board Game allows players to role-play crime scene investigators sifting through evidence collated from 7 crime lab divisions called Interrogation, Autopsy, Identification, Trace, Ballistics, Forensics and DNA. You can even issue arrest warrants and analyse realistic crime scene photos. In the sci-fi game Android, you can play detective on a future earth, following a clue trail from Los Angeles to a moon colony called Heinlein, while you unravel an elaborate conspiracy.

So if you fancy yourself a budding Miss Marpel, Sherlock Holmes or Veronica Mars, why not indulge in a little sleuthing on the side, and find out the answers to the all important questions in life, like why, when and more importantly, who-dunit.