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This week we have  two Cinema Classics Jigsaw puzzles, Casino Ace Dealers set and a Killer Bunnies Blue Starter pack.

Competition Question

This week, tell us in 100 words or less.  We all know that politics is much like a game. If you were to explain the current “Rudd” government as a game, How would you blurb this?

The winner will be chosen by Games Paradise Australia on relevance, use of humour, style and content on May 26th 2010 and contacted by email by a Games Paradise Australia representative. This is a game of skill. Chance plays no part in determining the winner.

Entries close 26th May, 11:59pm 2010!

Winner Announced 27th May 2010

This Weeks Giveaway!

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Congratulations Adam Hennessy

Come join a world of fantasy and fun where every day is a struggle, build and destroy economies, manipulate the media, unify alliances with China. Race against enemies and allies alike. An action packed game of propaganda, politics and people.


  1. “It’s a fair shake of the sauce bottle for everyone as you help K-Rudd on his quest to run the Government. Tanty throwing, hair dryer-demanding fun for the whole family”

  2. Adam Hennessy

    May 19, 2010 at 1:43 PM

    Come join a world of fantasy and fun where every day is a struggle, build and destroy economies, manipulate the media, unify alliances with China. Race against enemies and allies alike. An action packed game of propaganda, politics and people.

  3. Three years have oassed since Labour came to power. The effects of the Rudd goverment’s failings have been felt in every part of Australia. Can you help Tony Abbott and the rebel Liberals come to power and save Australia from the incompetent evil Labour?

  4. After successfully guiding Australia through the GFC, the Rudd Government has been recently slammed by media outlets as being incompetent and greedy. It is up to you, detective, to discover the cause of this misinformation conspiracy before it is too late!

  5. Randall Dreger

    May 20, 2010 at 12:56 PM

    Rudd government is like a game of “Say Anything”. Whenever faced with an issue just say the first thing that comes to your mind. Extra points for being ludicrous!

  6. Emma Docherty

    May 20, 2010 at 3:07 PM

    Welcome to “Spin Doctor” the family game of the Rudd Government for all ages!

    The aim of the game is to lose all of your governments money by giving it away to your constituents, or spending it on crazy wacky schemes!

    The first to lose all wins!!

  7. Matthew Larson

    May 20, 2010 at 3:07 PM

    Over 3 years take part in the greatest political party game ever! Fly around the world! Make policies based on dice rolls! Backflip on the same policies based on dice rolls! Throw money at random strangers! No limit to the number of players! Even invite people from other countries! Learn new words to bore the population! Start some roofing fires! Construct random buildings nobody wants or needs for double the price! And take care not to be stabbed in the back! When in doubt….. SPIN! The Rudd Government game is part Twister and reverse Monopoly with a dash of Cluedo!

  8. The Rudd government is much like the game of trouble.
    It’s complete luck that they got to where they are.
    Every move they make is based primarily on luck.
    Yet, despite mis-management and ignorance, they somehow end up taking 1st place.

  9. RUDD the game, where you can do what you like as long as you don’t get caught cheating.

  10. Rick Underwood

    May 22, 2010 at 2:20 AM

    Running The Country – a reality game! For 2+ players. What will you do when the economy slows? Hand out cash? Careful, you’ll pay later! Which green schemes? Insulation? Watch out – corrupt companies will take advantage. Its tricky Running The Country!

  11. THE GAME OF RISK! Crazy strategy, scheming, backstabbing and policy on the run! A RISKY RUDD!

  12. The object of the game is simple: spend as much money as possible in the quickest possible time. Sounds easy? Well theres a catch. The more you spend, the less popular you become and the more chance you have of losing your title. Can you juggle it?

  13. The current Rudd government can be described much like a mixed game of Zombies, Munchkin and Pandemic. No matter how hard you try to make the odds work for you, and who is going to be working with you, there is always some braindead idiot thats always there to screw everyone over. All we need is someone to say “hey look, a shotgun!”

  14. Donna Mallett

    May 23, 2010 at 10:55 PM

    Like Scrabble in our game of Ruddy Politics you have to make up answers as you go along, but in this game apparently cuss words ARE acceptable!

  15. “Rudd” is a cunning game of political spin.
    Tackle the challenges provided and weasel your way to soaring height of popularity.
    Pull the wool over your opponents eyes and victory shall be yours.
    Do you have what it takes to lead Australia?

  16. Rudd Government, the game! A mix of
    Balderdash: Look other players in the eye and convince them you know best how to lead Australia
    Ca$h ‘n Guns: repalce bank robbers with billionaire mining magnates. You are all criminals making outrageous claims, but who is bluffing?
    Saboteur: attempt to find out which of your colleagues are secretly gathering party support to replace you as Prime Minister and lead them to the next election.
    The Game of Life: Take a chance and gain or lose a random number of points by spinning the PR Spin wheel

  17. Kathy Bakewell

    May 26, 2010 at 9:40 AM

    “Rudd Government” is a rollicking game full of shady deals.
    The board is laid out like a town with services that must be maintained with service tokens. Players receive a salary, pay tax and are dealt cards which determine what they do. If they use any of the services, the tokens are depleted.
    If “The Government” neglects to replenish the tokens it has cards to play to divert your attention. If you need a vital service and there aren’t enough tokens on the board, you die and your money goes to “The Government”. A fun game for everyone!!!

  18. The ‘Rudd’ government is like a snakes and ladders without any ladders and a dice with only one or two on each face.

  19. Mike Gardiner

    May 26, 2010 at 8:33 PM

    If you like question time, the press club and a package that really stimulates your economy then you’ll absolutely love Ruddopoly. In this new version the fun never stops as you try to beat the other players by spending as much money as possible in the shortest amount of time. There is simply no better way for the whole family to have fun and forget about interest rate rises than to sit down together and enjoy a game of Ruddopoly.

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