I know the odds are miniscule, but I have an irrational fear that photos taken of me, or people I know, may have been used in jigsaw puzzles. Think about it. You’re outdoors enjoying yourself, minding your own business, when someone takes a snapshot of you without your knowledge.  Suddenly, you’re part of the background in someone else’s puzzle! Luckily, this irrational fear hasn’t stopped me enjoying jigsaw puzzles.

Jigsaws: a salve for the modern world.

Rather than being a source of anxiety, for most people jigsaw puzzles have quite the opposite effect. They are literally a salve for the modern world. Doing a jigsaw helps us learn to enjoy the journey, as well as the destination. The more busy and stressed we become, the more we need to find ways to take the edge off our nerves. The jigsaw experience is stimulating and challenging but also mindful, peaceful, therapeutic and relaxing. It comes minus flashing epileptic-inducing lights, loud noises or jarring special effects. Jigsaws simply promise the quiet satisfaction of making all the pieces fit together – something that can be much harder to achieve in other areas of our lives.

Jigsaws are on a roll.

Many people complain that there just isn’t enough time in their lives to do jigsaws, so they don’t even attempt it. But having a defeatist attitude can rob you of a very rewarding pastime. Jigsaws can vary enormously in size, from simple single-digit wooden ones for children right though to puzzles with thousands of pieces. There‘s also a whole range of accessories available to help make the jigsaw experience even more enjoyable. If you have a table that can remain undisturbed for a while, then you can take your time to finish. If not, you can do your puzzle on a jigsaw roll, store and finish at a later time. And if you’re worried about jigsaw mess, JigSort storage management system can ensure your playing area stays shipshape.

The family that jigsaws together, stays together.

Jigsaw puzzles don’t have to be a lone pastime. Large puzzles cry out for extra hands and minds to complete them and it’s just as relaxing with help – especially if you make the activity a regular social event.  There’s always the chance that your playing partners’ techniques might not match yours. Some people insist on starting from the edges while others are happy with an anything-goes attitude. No matter what the technique, the result is the same: a sense of pride and achievement when the job is finally done.

To frame or not to frame a jigsaw?

Most people enjoy redoing their puzzles over and over many times over the course of their lifetime, but if you want to save and admire your image for all time, why not use glue to stick the pieces to a board, then frame it?  Jigsaw puzzles cater for all tastes. Puzzle balls and 3D jigsaws are variations that will broaden your love of jigsaws, and the themes are endless. Some examples include famous artworks from major European galleries, historical scenes and photomosaics.

Depending on how much free time you have available and what your interests may be, you’ll be sure to find comfort and enjoyment from this absorbing activity. Choose a theme that will keep you interested while you work, but look carefully in the backgrounds. You may recognise people you know!