I once saw a cartoon featuring a childrens’ art exhibition in which all the artworks were displayed, not on the walls, but on refrigerator doors. It was funny because it was so true to life. The fridge is a cultural hub in most peoples’ homes. Because the kitchen is the most used room in the house, the fridge has become a canvas for personal expression and a fount of information that reflects our changing day-to-day lives.

Express yourself with kitchen poetry.
If your fridge looks anything like mine it will be bulging with reminder notes, photos, mini-calendars, postcards, artworks and all sorts of flyers with a collection of fridge magnets holding it all together. Some fridge magnets are artworks in their own right, while others are a means for self-expression.

No matter how congested my fridge surface is, I always leave a bit of space for spontaneous writing using Magnetic Poetry. This creative game has been a fixture (excuse the pun) in my kitchen for many years. I love words, so what better way to express myself while waiting for the kettle to boil or the toast to pop, than to create a little pithy kitchen poetry. Magnetic Poetry Original Edition is made up of 440 specially selected words and word fragments, so you can create poems and prose whenever the inspiration arises.

Magnetic poetry at work or play.
But Magnetic Poetry doesn’t need to be confined to the kitchen. There’s even an Office Edition available for work-time fun. The magnetic tiles stick to any steel surface, so you can play almost anywhere. You can even experiment with random word association in the style of the legendary Jack Kerouac. If you have a special hobby or interest, Magnetic Poetry has it covered. There are many themed editions available such as Dog, Horse, Bird or Cat Lovers, Yoga, Queer, The Artist, Zombie, Rock & Roll and Haiku to name just a few.  Add kits on topics such as Eroticism, Romance and Sexual Innuendo will satisfy those in the mood for a little adult word play.

Magnetic poetry for young and old.
Great for solo or group fun, Magnetic Poetry has unlimited possibilities. It’s even available in a range of different languages, such as Spanish, French and Yiddish. Kids are also well catered for with games such as Kids Kit for ages 5 and up. This 360 piece game is perfect for the beginning reader. StoryMaker and RhymeMaker are designed to inspire budding young novelists and poets, while In Other Words builds language skills by displaying synonyms on the reverse side of each magnetic tile.

So now there’s no excuse not to channel The Bard using Magnetic Poetry while at home, play, school or work. Write?