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Boardgame Weekly Giveaway. Closed 11/06/10

Searching for a new board games in 2010? Would winning  $200 worth of FREE board games help?!?!

Simply enter your response (Right side of the Games Paradise Blog), and the weekly winner receives Games worth over $200 as pictured below!

This week we have  two Cinema Classics Jigsaw puzzles, Casino Ace Dealers set and a Killer Bunnies Blue Starter pack and an Exclusve Magic Hat!

Competition Question

This week, tell us in 100 words or less.  If you had a ‘Real’ Magic Hat, name five things you would pull pull out of it? Let your imagination go wild kids!

The winner will be chosen by Games Paradise Australia on relevance, use of humour, style and content on June 12th 2010 and contacted by email by a Games Paradise Australia representative. This is a game of skill. Chance plays no part in determining the winner.

Entries close 11th June, 11:59pm 2010!

Winner Announced 12th June 2010

This Weeks Giveaway!

Prizes may vary from actual picture

This weeks Winner

Congratulations Kristine!

1. An elephant

2. A cage to keep it in

3. Someone to look after it

4.An elephant saddle

5. Peanuts

Some very sensible wishing Kristine…


  1. an elephant, a cage to keep it in, someone to look after it, an elephant saddle, peanuts

  2. Eliza Hartman

    June 2, 2010 at 2:10 PM

    A cubby house, a dslite, a magic crystal ball, a dog and a genie with lots more wishes.

  3. 1) My very own island;
    2) Titles of office for the royalty (Vice-Emperor for me);
    3) A watchtower to gaze over the islands expanse;
    4) A working transport system (Trams would do fine);
    5) A tavern, where we would all meet after a not so hard day of work.

  4. A $10,000 gift certificate to Games Paradise, An engagement ring. A mortgage discharge. A Baby (imagine not having to go through pregnancy!) Endless supply of M&Ms

  5. Josh Clifford

    June 3, 2010 at 1:50 PM

    1. An AFL premiership for Collingwood.
    2. Three good Star Wars prequels.
    3. A Blue Ray player
    4. Avatar on blueray
    5. Another magic hat

  6. Emma Docherty

    June 3, 2010 at 3:21 PM

    A leprechaun to give me his pot of gold

    A genie to grant me 3 wishes

    the computer from the movie “weird science” that created that hot chick.

    a portable hole.. just because its awesome

    $200 worth of free board games 🙂

  7. 1. The most comfortable warm pyjamas ever.
    2. A fascinating book of random facts.
    3. A toy my pet mouse would love.
    4. Can’t forget the husband: he’d appreciate the entire set of Carry On movies on DVD
    5. A great new board game to play with our friends!

  8. Five Magic Hats. Those could lead to 25 magic hats and so forth. Soon the universe would implode, but hey at least there was no rabbit involved 🙂

  9. If I had a real magic hat, I would:
    -an alien out of it, realise that it’s a pet rock, cry
    -a smart alien out, get jealous, try putting it back
    -atlantis, too wet, throw it back
    -pet vampire, get bitten, give it to the RSPCA
    -aladins lamp,3wishes-win!

  10. Vanessa Tierney

    June 5, 2010 at 2:44 PM

    1. Packet of Corn chips
    2. Jar of mild salsa
    3. Ripe avocado
    4. Can of refried beans
    5. Block of cheese
    Honestly, I read the question, thought “hey yeah, if I did have a real magic hat what would I pull out of it?” Then I spent at least a good 10 minutes trying to think of something… By the time I snapped out of my daydream, I had worked up such an appetite that I realised I’d be happy just to have the ingredients to make myself an awesome nachos!

  11. Karlie Pogson

    June 8, 2010 at 12:07 PM

    On stage steps a witch
    And pulls out a hat
    That is clearly quite empty,
    Quite limp and quite flat

    Inside her hand goes
    It looks for a bunny
    But something seems odd…
    Instead comes a dunny.

    The crowd has a laugh,
    She pretends it’s a game,
    “I’ll show you great riches!”
    But out some cheese came.

    She tries for a banquet,
    A broken plate shows,
    She grabs for a Monet
    Rather, out blue paint flows

    Then a bright idea struck
    She thought about tar
    Then reached in her hand
    And pulled out a car!

  12. Aaron Bartlett

    June 8, 2010 at 4:50 PM

    I would turn it upside down over a large storage area, then I would cast a “Pull a magic hat outta a magic hat” spell making sure to leave the spell on repeat. I would then sell the magic hats for fun and profit.

  13. Lyndon Cullen-Reid

    June 8, 2010 at 6:50 PM

    1. A second magic hat to put the first hat in to, just to see if the world would end.
    2. Oddjob, cause he’s the kind of guy that would appreciate such a thing.
    3. Abe Lincoln, see above.
    4. A dinosuar.
    5. A complete list of answers to every question ever posed on Lost.

  14. Out of my hat I would pull only the most extravagant, elegant things imaginable. 1: A flying house that could fly forever. 2: An unstoppable robot army under my control to take over the world. 3: A machine that could alter my DNA given only simple requests. 4: The future, yes, I would pull time itself through my hat. 5: A whizbang-whatchamacallit, the most zany transformable toy which can turn into anything currently being imagined.

  15. Kathy Bakewell

    June 10, 2010 at 1:51 AM

    My magic hat contains:
    A necklace that when worn would allow me to travel anywhere through time and space.
    An invisibility cloak. I could wear it when time travelling so that I don’t get into any immediate trouble if I turn up somewhere dogdy. .
    A magic pill that would allow me to consciously choose whether the food I eat causes me to gain or lose weight. The pill would also allow me to channel any excess calories to anyone I choose in the world.
    A bottle of eternal youth elixir.
    The phone number of my soul mate.

  16. Michael Green

    June 10, 2010 at 9:48 AM

    An actual killer bunny, carbon fibre robot, Ace, Munchkin Dobbleganger card, and another magic hat!

  17. First, I’d want to get the original print run of RoboRally (with all the expansions). Then I’d remove a copy of Betrayal. Powergrid would have to come out of it next, followed by a full set of dominion and a custom built games cupboard to keep it all in.

  18. A hare, The Mad Hatter, a Cat in a Hat, a Vorpal sword, and a dictionary of rhyming words.

  19. I would lull the kids into a false sense of security. I would first pull out the ever-so-shy Timid Bunny, followed by Gleeful, Congenial and Lumbering Bunny. Relaxed and enjoying the show, I would then pull out Sinister Bunny: unleashing it into the crowd!

  20. 1. A flying carpet like Aladdin
    2. An endless underwater breathing device
    3. Shoes which could make me run and jump extremely high
    4. A brand new car
    5. Another magic hat to share with others

  21. With a Magic hat, i would pull out

    1) A valid blank cheque
    2) A sonic beam weapon
    3) A working magic stick
    4) A Golden globe
    5) Another same magic hat!

  22. Talisman: 4th edition Revised
    Talisman: The Dungeon Expansion
    Talisman: The Frostmarch Expansion
    Talisman: The Highland Expansion
    Talisman: The Reaper Expansion

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