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Dangerous and Evil or Harmless Entertainment?

Are you tired of the same old conversations at parties with the same old people? Why not spice up your life and meet new people by playing a party favourite! Soon you could be conversing with people from far off lands and exotic locations. There’s only one catch:  they’re probably dead! The game of Ouija may be the most dangerous and evil game ever devised or merely harmless entertainment. You be the judge.

Ouija the board game.

Ouija (pronounced wee-jah), has legions of fans who love it’s aura of mystery, but it also has fervent opponents, who believe it to be a powerful but negative way of contacting potentially unfriendly ghosts. A combination of the French and German words for yes – Qui and Ja – it’s board is printed with alphabetical and numerical symbols that are accessed in turn by a moveable pointer or planchette, which is moved around the board, supposedly by spirits, to spell out answers to pressing questions asked by the players.

Jane Roberts channels Seth

Stories of spiritual possession after playing Ouija abound, such as the famous case of the U.S. poet and author Jane Roberts who, after a few games of Ouija in the late Sixties, began channelling an inter-dimensional entity called Seth. It changed her life forever.  Fortunately for Jane, Seth happened to be both wise and benign.  He even had a jolly sense of humour and dictated a whole series of books on the nature of consciousness that sold hundreds of thousands of copies. (Mind boggling reading by the way).

Is Ouija anti-Christian?
Many ardent Spiritualists consider that the dark forces unleashed from the Ouija game are too potent to tamper with, while many Christians believe that contacting the spirit world is strictly forbidden by the Bible. These attitudes are thought by most people to be an over-reaction. In fact many think it’s the players themselves who unconsciously move the planchette, so when you get a number of people playing at once, garbled messages are the result as unconscious minds fight for dominance.  This begs the question of course: what exactly is the unconscious? You may need to read Seth to figure this one out!

Swingin’ Sixties pyjama parties!
Was it Sixties flower power that made Ouija mainstream and more popular than Monopoly after its release by Parker Bros in 1966, or just a cultural longing for an alternative to Christian beliefs about the afterlife?  Mostly played at girls’ pyjama parties as they sought to find clues about the names of their future husbands, Ouija’s Western roots go much deeper and further back in time.

Was Ouija made in China?
Once the darling game of the Victorian Spiritualists on both sides of the Atlantic, Ouija’s origins have been attributed to both ancient Chinese and Greek cultures. Probably both theories are accurate, as most societies on Earth have at one time or another embraced divination through the use of shamans, oracles or medicine women for example.  Knowing what happens after death is one of the greatest mysteries known to man, so if you found a way to have a chat with someone hovering about in the afterlife – would you?

Now Ouija comes in a Glow in the Dark Edition to add an extra element of spookiness and it’s also about to become a movie, but more on this coming soon. Has anyone out there had a positive or negative Ouija experience they’d like to share – pyjama clad or not?


  1. “Is Ouija anti-Christian?”

    The above question clearly is only important to Christians out there – if you are not a Christian, then it being anti-Christian isn’t entirely relevant. But for Christians – either the board is just a piece of random nonsense, or it can actually tap into spiritual stuff. Either way, what is being attempted is clearly against what God has said – we are not to consult with the dead, not to use things to talk with spirits. So at best, this is *pretending* to do something that we, as a people, have been told not to do. At worst, it is purposefully turning from God’s direction and into a danger he has warned us away from.

    So yes, it is most definitely anti-Christian. As to whether being anti-Christian is relevant to you, personally, you should examine it for yourself.

  2. Puh-lease ….

    … how lame to be trotting out this tired old bit of rubbish?

    You can’t talk with the dead … they’re DEAD.

    It’s LONG been known what’s going on in this case is the subconscious “twitch” ideomotor effect – the players themselves are causing the ouija pointer to move.
    They’re scaring themselves.

    If anyone was actually interested in this stuff (which no one really is) they’d start asking around, and doing research, and quickly find that there’s heaps of proof that it’s rubbish. There’s even docos like Penn & Teller’s “Bullshit” in which the ouija lets people accidentally contact a fictional person and when the players are blindfolded, only gibberish comes out.

    You might as well get a coin, pick one side for “yes” and one for “no” and answer your questions by flipping it. It will still be crap but at least you won’t be influencing the answers yourself!

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