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Queen Games

Alhambra by Queen Games.
Alhambra! Just the mention of this word is enough to bring on goosebumps. And I’m not just talking about the UNESCO World Heritage site in Granada, Spain, but the phenomenon known as Alhambra the board game. This hugely successful family game has already been published in more than 20 languages and is now part of a growing family of Alhambra games. Published by Queen Games, it won the Spiel des Jahres in 2003. Many of Queen Games other family titles have also been nominated, including The Thief of Bagdad (2007), Aqua Romana (2006) and most recently Fresco (2010).

Queen Games rule.
Based in Troisdorf, Germany, Queen Games are amongst the elite “Who’s Who” of game publishers. Starting out in 1992, they have consistently created top quality games in a number of categories, including Alhambra Family, General Family, Strategy, Two Player and Children’s. Their motto is “Connecting Generations” and they have prospered and gone from strength to strength since their inception.

Queen Games is proudly Green.
Queen Games also take environmental sustainability very seriously and they’re deservedly proud of their eco-credentials. They make a big effort to use wooden rather than plastic bits and bio-degradable glues and recycled materials in the production of their games. The pursuit of profit has obviously not overshadowed their genuine efforts to create a sustainable business.

Queen Games deserve their top reputation.
As well as Alhambra games such as The Dice Game, The Card Game, The Gardens of the Alhambra and a Big Box edition that includes all five expansions; Sultan, San Francisco Cable Car and Batavia have also enhanced Queen Games’ reputation as a producer of top quality family games. Many of their strategy games such as Shogun, Robber Nights and Chicago Express are also extremely popular, as well as two-player games such as Architekton, Aton and Roma. And games such as Click-Clack and Enuk – The Eskimo are great fun for kids 5+. Queen Games are also renowned for re-publishing previously self-published games.

Alhambra Championships in Essen Germany, October 2010.
If you’re an Alhambra fan and think you have what it takes to become Australia’s Alhambra champion, you could score a return ticket to Essen, Germany in October 2010 to attend the Spiel Essen – the largest retail games fair in the world – and win an opportunity to take part in the Alhambra world finals. Games Paradise will be sending the qualifier in October. Stay tuned for more on this.

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  1. also worthy of mention from Queen Games is Samarkand: Routes to Riches, a recent release my family are loving at the moment.

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