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Warehouse Sale!! 9th October 2010

Games Paradise Online is celebrating the opening of their new warehouse in Sydney!

Your invited to join us from 10am till 4pm on the 9th October 2010

Sausage sizzle, refreshments, demonstrations and lucky door prizes throughout entire the day.

Watch this space for more information

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  1. We are working hard to make this a great day for everyone, If you have any suggestions, feel free to let us know!

  2. Can you please make this sale online

  3. Good luck with the sale and celebration! I too would love this to occur online 🙂

  4. wat kinds of games will be on sale?

  5. Is this still going ahead? The page doesn’t appear to be updated.

  6. Yes I would love to see this as an online sale too! I’m a loyal customer however just don’t live in the area…is it possible to make it an online thing too??

    • That’s a great idea, however, as most of the stock that is going on sale is not on our site. In order to track both live and web sales at the same time would be impossible.

      We will try to allocate stock on the website for this day.

  7. what games will be on sale? any hints? how much less will it be from RRP?

  8. Hey Harshy – are you going to publish that list today?

    • There is no list to hand at the moment as we are waiting for our holding area to deliver to us. There is a few pictures on the latest blog link that should give you an idea of whats on offer. Looking forward to seeing you.

  9. Love to see the list of games too… would make my decision to travel to the warehouse all the eaiser.

    • We added the pics as we are still waiting on games to come in from our holding warehouse.
      What you see is pretty much what we have. There will be a load of discontinued & damaged stock as well. It will be a first in first served basis. Come along, enjoy the barbie and grab a deal.

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