Does anyone actually remember or care that the upcoming June long weekend commemorates the Queen’s birthday? As it’s not her real birthday and because of Republican sentiments, Australians don’t take it very seriously. For me, this long weekend means chilling out playing games with family and friends. It got me wondering what games HRH might play on her days off, so here’s a few of her possible favourites.

Colonial games to cheer HRH
Due to Great Britain’s long colonial history, I thought a few games relating to world domination might be popular with HRH, so she can relive the Empire’s glory days. The classic game Diplomacy, where each player represents one of the seven great powers of Europe prior to WWI, is an obvious choice. The recently released 50th anniversary edition was a great improvement, while the Colonial Diplomacy version encourages players to battle it out to lord over the Far East. Colonial Campaigns: The Zulu War 1879 only requires 2 – 6 players to re-enact the British invasion of Zululand. HRH & Phillip probably whip this game out when Charles, Camilla and the boys pop over for afternoon tea.

Backgammon – the aristocratic game
A more traditional game that I’m sure the Royal couple play regularly is Chess, where I imagine they’ve stuck little faces of themselves on the King and Queen. Kings Cribbage – a mixture of Cribbage and Scrabble, is a popular game in Britain that would make HRH feel at home while on tour. Backgammon is an ancient Mesopotamian game that was popular with the Roman Emperor Claudius and has since become known as “the aristocratic game” – something a real aristocrat like HRH would find hard to resist.

In a Royal Twitter
The Royals love equestrian events so the game Royal Ascot would have to be a favourite. If anyone knows if there’s a game that features Corgis – the Queen’s favourite breed of dog – I’d love to know, for it would surely be her No. 1 game.

And what about all the trivia games out there for royalty buffs? Don’t you wonder if Queen Lizzie has a bit of a laugh testing out her own knowledge of her brood, with games like The Royals Trivia Board Game? Now that the Royals are on Twitter, the public can know all about them at the click of a mouse. Now where’s the fun in that?

If HRH senses she’s losing control of her extended family or gets a nagging thought that she’s merely a figurehead with no real power, she probably reaches for her copy of Risk: a simple but satisfying game of combat that would make her feel on top of the world again.

The House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha
The Royal House of Windsor only dates back to 1917. Prior to this, the Royal Family’s name was the very German sounding Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. It was an embarrassment during WWI hence the timely change. Because blood is thicker than a change of name declaration, HRH may still have an affinity with all things Germanic. The German publisher Queen Games has a new strategy board game called Colonia, that’s bound to become a firm favourite with HRH. How could she resist a double serving of Royal and German associations? Back to planning my lazy gaming weekend.