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Board Games of the Future

What do you think board games might look like in the future? Well, the future is already here! A  pioneering French company, Volumique, has thought outside the game-board square and turned board gaming as we know it, on its head. It’s converted a smartphone into an interactive game bit while transforming a smartphone screen into an interactive game-board that users can play on using real tokens. Two of their innovative new games, iPawn and iPirate will soon liven up the board gaming market.

iPawn converts an iPhone or iPad screen into a dynamic game-board with interactive menus that activate and initiate communications when figurines are placed on the screen-board.

iPirate, another equally ground-breaking innovation, is an adventure game app that comes with a large fold-out treasure map that doubles as a gaming board. In iPirate, the smartphone is the game token: in this case, a South Seas pirate ship!

Play solo, in a group or online
You can play these games solo, in a group and even online!  iPirate will be available from October 2010 and iPawn from November 2010. Only French versions will initially be released, but hopefully English versions will soon follow. The figurines and treasure maps may be sold directly from Volumique’s website, ( as I can’t imagine how the Apple store will sell them.

Back to the future
So what do these rapid advancements in technology mean for the future of board gaming? They should only add more richness and depth to the huge variety of board gaming experiences already available—but of course only time will tell.

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  1. I have always wanted to convert new and classic board games to XBLA (Xbox live) or some kind of online/mobile/digital presence, but I could imagine the Licensing fees may be pretty steep.

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