The wait is finally over! The winner of the Kinderspiel des Jahres (Children’s Game of the Year) has just been announced in Hamburg, Germany.  The nominees were:

  • Diego Dragon Tooth
    By Manfred Ludwig
    2 – Publisher: Haba

4 Players 5+

  • Kraken-Alarm
    By Oliver Igelhaut
    Publisher: Kosmos

2 – 4 Players 5+

  • Tower Panic!
    By Andrew and Jack Lawson
    Publisher: Goliath

2 – 8 Players 6+

  • Vampire Night
    By Kirsten Becker and Jens-Peter Schliemann
    Publisher: Three Magic Game
    2-4 players 6+
  • Turi-Tour
    By Alessandro Zucchini
    Publisher: Selecta

2-4 players 5+

And the well deserved winner is: Diego Dragon Tooth!

Do you think the judges got it right?

Let us know whether you think the best game won, or if another game deserved the prize?