Do you want to experience the age of Caesar Augustus in ancient Rome, the exotic trading colonies of the New World, the shoot-em-up American Wild West or breathtaking landscapes filled with steam powered railroads? Then take a look at Eagle Games. They can transport you to these exotic locations without even leaving home!

Classic Eagle Games
Having forged a formidable catalogue of strategy games guaranteed to get your heart racing and tax your brain, their range of classics include Age of Steam, Conquest of the Empire, Age of Empires III: The Age of Discovery, Carson City and Struggle of Empires. Eagle Games have cemented a matchless reputation for creating quality games.

Roll Though the Ages and create a new world
But what if you crave an even more challenging game that lets you bring all your imaginative and intellectual powers into play? A game that allows you to create a new world from the ground up. It’s an especially attractive notion if you’re currently fed up with your own civilisation! In fact, the evening news usually makes me switch off and reach instead for Roll through the Ages – an advanced strategy and resource management game which has already won some prestigious awards including the 2007 International Gamers Award.

Build your own civilization from scratch
It was a well deserved win. What other game lets you imagine, create and build your very own civilization– from antiquity to the space age – from scratch? The type of civilization you create is totally up to you. It can be warlike, artistic, altruistic, peaceful, corrupt, spiritual or a political cauldron of intrigue.

Classic Gryphon Games
But Eagle Games aren’t all heavy strategy with hard-core mechanics. Their offshoot company Gryphon Games produces light to medium style games, playable in 20 – 40 minutes with easy to follow rule books, and includes titles such as Inca Gold and Looting London.

FRED supports local games stores
Eagle Games’ distribution arm known as FRED holds some pretty commendable values, including enthusiastically supporting local games stores and encouraging the use of games in education for young and old.

What’s new for Eagle Games?
So what’s new for Eagle Games? Railways of the World The Card Game is a recent adaptation of the Railways of the World game series that offers two different rule books – a family version and one for more experienced players. Also soon to tempt us are a few more heavy strategy games such as Ages of Rome, Battle Cry and Combat Patrol – all guaranteed to deliver hours of engrossing play.

If the crux of game mechanics is to reward players with a sense of accomplishment then Eagle Games delivers in spades. So tell us. What’s your favourite Eagle Game and why?