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Thanks for Coming!

The warehouse sale was a fantastic success—thanks to all who attended and grabbed some great bargains (and a great sausage sandwich or two!) The crowd started gathering about 9.30am and when we finally let them loose, about 40 people rushed forward to grab the bargains they’d been eyeing on the shelves. From then on until the end of the day we had so many people, we had to go and grab more stock to satisfy the demand!

Hope you all had a good time. We certainly did, and you can look forward to more events like this in the future. Good gaming!


  1. Thanks for running the sale. I picked up a few items – as can be seen in the bottom right photo! I didn’t even notice it being taken.

  2. Yeah, those photographers are sneaky like that! Thanks for the sale, guys! It blew me away to see how well it’s all going for you.

  3. Oh dear, how did I totally not hear about this? *cry*

  4. Thanks for the sale. I managed to limit myself to a single game … then turned around and saw the rest of the family making a huge stack of games! 🙂 We ended up struggling away with a box of goodies. Shame we couldn’t hang around for the BBQ – I guess you’ll have to do another one soon. 🙂 🙂

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