Imagine you are the head of a company of thieves—oh, not a filthy band of cutpurses and pickpockets, but rather an elite cadre of elegant ladies and gentlemen skilled in the art of illegal acquisition. As their criminal mastermind, it is your job to coordinate their efforts and gain recognition as the best in the business.

You decide whether to enter the prestigious and risky field of information theft. You decide how much effort to focus on stealing artifacts and jewelry. And don’t forget about gold! Only the top thieves in each category will win the respect and admiration of their peers. Outguess your competition and foil their plans, while sending your team after items no one expected you to steal!

Sneaks & Snitches is is a fast-paced game of psychological suspense from Vlaada Chvátil, creator of classics like Prophecy, Dungeon Lords, Space Alert, Through the Ages and Galaxy Trucker!

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Game Contents:
45 Player Cards
24 Secret Stash Cards
42 Loot Cards
8 Location Cards
4 Victory Point Cards
100 Acrylic Cubes (in 4 colors)