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What’s Hot: Summoner Wars Premium Board

If you’ve played the fantastic cardgame/boardgame hybrid Summoner Wars you’ll know the only thing missing from this fantastic, very reasonably priced game is a big thick board that’s more durable and attractive than the included paper one. Well, your wish is granted!

The Summoner Wars Premium Board comes in two halves that combine to make one 2-player board. The board is mounted on reinforced 2.5mm chipboard. Each half of the board quad-folds, creating a compact foot print for storage and portability.

The essential purchase for Summoner Wars fans!


  1. absolutely seconded! the paper playmat included with Summoner Wars really put me off the game. we’ve played it a whole lot more since getting Premium Boards (two sets, for four-player battles)

  2. It’s a great game isn’t it? Deceptively simple, but a lot of strategy in there. I agree, the board has really made the game for me.

    Hopefully there are even more faction decks on the way soon.

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