It’s only a week until Christmas Day, and hopefully you’ve finished all your major present buying, and now you’re running about in a frantic hurry to grab all those little items to stuff the stockings and pad out the presents. Luckily for last-minute madness, there are lots of little games that are perfect to add that impressive last touch to your friend’s and family’s present haul. The great thing is, it’s possible to pack a lot of game into a little box!

The Fantasy Flight Games ‘Silver Line’ range is a perfect example. Little boxes, big games. Take for example Space Hulk: Death Angel The Card Game, 100 x 190 millimetres of alien-killing-in-deep-space-fun. It’s amazing how this game manages to recreate the tension and sudden violence of the huge Space Hulk boardgame with basically just a few decks of cards. This is the perfect little gift for the scifi fan, or perhaps something different for that Games Workshop-obsessed nephew for whom you’ve already bought an army’s worth of figures!

There are plenty of other excellent little games in the Silver Line range to check out. You don’t have to be a hardcore gamer, for example, to enjoy Bruno Faidutti’s classic Citadels. It’s a fantastic game of simple role selection and card play, and holds the record for the only game I’ve managed to get my mum to play—and she beat me, dammit! Ingenious Challenges by the world-reknowned game designer Reiner Knizia is another game that can be enjoyed by all types of players, and features three different games in the one small box—cards, tiles and dice—that focus on ingenious symbol matching.

Other games like Chaos Marauders, Cold War: CIA vs KGB, and Condottiere are all satisfying, fun games in small packages, especially perfect when you have limited time for gaming, or don’t feel like anything too ‘heavy’.

If you know your gamer is into Arkham Horror, why not throw in a set of two of Arkham Horror Dice. These spectacular and atmospheric six-sided dice are cast from hand-carved originals and feature sculpted number faces, as well as Elder Signs on the 5 and 6 sides to indicate successes.

If your gift recipient happens to like collectible card games (and you can find out which packs they already own), they’ll always appreciate another expansion pack for their games of Warhammer Invasion LCG or Magic the Gathering.

Summoner Wars is a card-based combat game that’s been attracting quite a following this year. Two new faction decks have recently been released, and for the existing player, the premium playing board is an absolute must.

Of course not everybody who likes games enjoys the more esoteric, thematic ones. Classics like Uno are perfect for the whole family to play after the present unwrapping and over-eating is complete, and can be enjoyed by all ages. If you enjoy the family favourite Pictionary, the Pictionary Card Game will be your last-minute present of choice. the Trivial Pursuit Steal Card Game combines the well-loved classic with a wedge-stealing mechanic to make a great quick-playing game.

Finally, throw in a travel game or two for the Christmas holiday trip. The Scrabble Travel Edition is just the thing for gamers of all ages.

So start stuffing those stockings—and those turkeys! Happy Christmas from all of us at Games Paradise!