Happy New Year! The Games Paradise Mega-Sale is here, and we’re ringing the new year in with a huge 10% off everything, from now until the end of January!

If Santa didn’t bring you exactly what you wanted this year, don’t worry, now’s your chance to grab those games you were after. If your partner still doesn’t quite understand this whole game-obsession thing, and got you a deck of cards instead of the new Dust Tactics miniatures combat game, now you can grab one for a special price. And if your family loves Pictionary but you play Tide of Iron with your gaming group, why not buy that expansion you really wanted?

Now’s the time to get a big 10% off your purchases!

If you haven’t made your New Years Eve plans yet, why not get together some good friends for a gaming night to bring in the new year? Lots of fun with good friends around a table is what gaming is all about, and what better time to share the laughs than New Years Eve? It doesn’t have to be anything complex or time-consuming. Ticket to Ride always goes down well with new gamers and experienced gamers alike, as does the old gateway classic, Settlers of Catan.

If you really feel like putting on something special, why not host a murder? Everyone can dress up and throw themselves into the murder mystery fun of a How to Host a Murder game. From gangsters to toga-wearing Roman citizens, schlock horror characters to cowboys, there’s a theme for everybody, and you’re sure to enjoy a memorable evening before the fireworks go off at midnight.

Games Paradise has a big range of party board games to liven up your New Years bash. Or perhaps trivia games are more your thing?

However you decide to spend the evening, Games Paradise wishes you and your family the very happiest of new years—here’s to a 2011 full of great gaming!

The Games Paradise Mega-Sale lasts from December 26th 2010 to January 31st 2011. No rain checks, only while stocks last. Cannot be used with any other offer.