AgricolaLimited to a world wide English print run of 2500 copies!

Over the years, many small expansions for Agricola have been released, mostly in the German language. Deluxe wooden pieces were also created to complement the game. Now’s your chance to add these fantastic Agricola Goodies to your game!

The Goodies Expansion contains:
The legendary X-Deck containing 24 cards with alien encounters all over the farm. Every time a player visits a stone quarry, a card is drawn from the pile. And then? Resistance is futile!

The O-Deck was created under the guidance of the Austrian Games Academy. 12 new Occupations and 12 new Minor Improvements including a wunderkind, the guy with the couch, the singing family from the Alps, and of course that one specific Governor.

The C-Deck (12 Occupations and 12 Improvements) is based on famous people, places, and historic events from the Czech Republic, and is illustrated in the spirit of the legendary Czech artist Josef Lada. This expansion was initiated by the Czech publisher of Agricola, Mindok.

The L-Deck. Nobody knows exactly what the L stands for. Some tend to believe Lookout, others insist on Looneys. Decide for yourself; but don’t take it too seriously…

All 5 double-sided theme boards: Western, Spring, Autumn, Winter, and Mars (just in case you wondered where the aliens from the X-Deck have their interstellar base).

A sheet with 70 stickers: 35 adults, 33 children, 1 alien, and even a werewolf.

And of course the wooden meeples: Veggiemeeples, Animeeples, and Resourceeples. They’re cute and nice to look at, but don’t hesitate to cook, eat, sow, or use them in any possible way that supports your family and your farm.

Please Note: You need AGRICOLA to play this expansion set.