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Let’s Go to the Movies!

We all love a good movie, and if you’re reading this site, you love a good boardgame—so what better combination than movies and boardgames? Let’s have a quick look at some of the many boardgames that let you relive your favourite screen adventures with cards, cardboard and dice.

The blockbuster of 2010 was of course Avatar, James Cameron’s dimension-busting magnus opus. Not the most original plot ever brought to the screen, I think we can all agree, but an astounding visual treat nonetheless. Mega Games brings you the Avatar Board Game, an exciting, fast-paced game that utilizes reasoning and strategy for a fun, interactive gaming experience—and there’s no chance of motion sickness! As a Na’vi warrior, players defend iconic landmarks from the Resources Development Administration (RDA)—be the first Na’vi warrior to successfully collect eight Woodsprite tokens through quests and or battles before the RDA destroys the Tree of Souls to win. The board features a cardboard 3D Tree in its centre!

The Avatar boardgame is a brand new release and there’s very little information about it available, so if you’ve played the game, let us know what you think!

Another huge movie series that seems to have taken over the world is the Twilight series. The Twilight: New Moon Movie Board Game takes a trivia-based approach; fans travel the board, testing their knowledge of New Moon, and facing challenges from the Quileutes to the Volturi. Be the first player to collect all eight scenes from New Moon, and reunite Bella and Edward to win!

The Twilight series seems to particularly attract obsessive fans, so this is just the game to challenge your friends with and see who knows more about Twilight New Moon—the more you know, the greater your chance of winning. The game comes in a tin box with board with images from the movie, scene cards with images from the movie, playing pieces and dice. Perfect for the Twilight fan in your family!

Of course, if you love Monopoly, you’re sure to easily find a version of it matching your favourite film, TV show, character, historical figure, animal, city … and if you’re a Chronicles of Narnia fan, check out the Monopoly: Chronicles of Narnia Edition. Based on the timeless C.S. Lewis book series and the movies, it’s the classic strategy game with a fantastical twist. The Chronicles of Narnia Collector’s Edition provides a magical experience for fans of the movie franchise to buy, sell and trade favourite landmarks in the world of Narnia from The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe and the first sequel, Prince Caspian. The game includes six collectible Narnia-themed pewter tokens: Miraz’s Helmet, Caspian’s Sword and Shield, Susan’s Horn, Peter’s Shield, Lucy’s Cordial, and Peter’s Helmet. The magician’s book and magic tree replace Community Chest and Chance cards, and traditional houses and hotels are renamed cottages and castles.

Just can’t get enough Monopoly but Narnia not your bag? Perhaps you’ll prefer Monopoly: Pirates of the Caribbean Edition. Set sail for a high seas adventure and join forces with your favourite swashbuckling pirates from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean blockbuster movie franchise. Who will control the high seas and all of its many treasures? Buy, sell and trade Isla Cruces Beach, Port Royal Harbor, Tortuga Docks and more as you take control of land and sea fought over by the likes of Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, Captain Barbossa and Davy Jones. All game components, including six collectible pewter tokens, are completely customized. Plus there’s a new 60 minute speed play option!

By the way, there’s a fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie coming in May this year—On Stranger Tides, featuring, of course, the indomitable Jack Sparrow.

If you’re more interested in the process of making movies than just watching them, then the perfect game for you is Dream Factory by Rio Grande Games, designed by the popular and prolific boardgame designer Reiner Knizia.

As the producer of a multi-million dollar Hollywood studio, it is your job to sign the most coveted stars, obtain the rights for anticipated screenplays, and assemble a buzzworthy team to produce the biggest blockbusters. After years of hard work, you have three astounding screenplays in your hands; all that’s left to do is for you to produce them. You are about to visit magnificent cities and attend parties with the cream of the crop. Hopefully, you’ll be able to sign Steve Spellborg to direct your next masterpiece.

This fun, light game is based on an auction mechanic, where players score points by filling in their story boards with the essential components of movie making—director, special effects, actors, soundtrack—and trying to finish their blockbuster movies. If you’re the first to finish, or you make the best comedy, drama, or overall film, you can also win awards (and bonus points!) A great game for gamers and ‘non-gamers’ alike, and a fantastic theme that all the players are sure to get immersed in.

Quiet on the set! Lights, camera, action—get gaming!

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