The Hobbit Board Game by Reiner Knizia (not to be confused with FFG’s previous release of the same name) is a board game of adventure and treasure for 2-5 players.

The legendary tale of Bilbo Baggins introduced the world to Middle-earth—the beloved fantasy setting created by visionary author J.R.R. Tolkien. The Hobbit is a novel that tells the tale of a diminutive hero that, with the help of a group of stalwart dwarves, sets off to infiltrate Smaug’s lair in an effort to plunder the dragon’s vast hoard of treasure.

On his quest to the Lonely Mountain, Bilbo Baggins will need assistance and guidance from his stoic dwarf companions. As one of these dwarves, it is your responsibility to help Bilbo on his journey and ensure that you recover the treasure that is your destiny!

The Hobbit is an engrossing game that’s great fun for the entire family. Join Bilbo on his journey to the Lonely Mountain and help him become a legend!

Game Contents: 1 board, 1 Bilbo figure and 1 Smaug figure (The Dragon), 129 cards, 5 Character boards, 15 markers, 24 Dragon tiles, 50 provisions, 1 Ring, 5 dice, and 60 jewels.