Trivial PursuitWay back in 1979 two Canadians, Chris Haney and Scott Abbott, found that some pieces of their Scrabble set were missing, so they decided to invent their own game. In 1982 Trivial Pursuit was first unleashed on the world, two years after that some 20 million copies were sold worldwide, and in 2008 Hasbro bought out the rights in full for $20 million. Trivial Pursuit has become the archetype for game designers hoping to make their millions out of game design, and one of the few games most ‘non-gamers’ think of when they think of boardgames (along with Scrabble and Monopoly).

Who would have thought that a simple game about answering trivia questions would have been successful? It is probably the fact that the game is so simple that has made it such a phenomenon and a pop culture icon. That, and the fact that it so easily lends itself to expansions, variants, and promotional tie-ins—just plug in a different set of trivia questions and you’re good to go.

Let’s have a look at just seven different versions of Trivial Pursuit; enough to keep trivia buffs happy for many nights of gaming!

A great place to start is the Trivial Pursuit 25th Anniversary Edition. This special edition to mark 25 years of Trivial Pursuit includes extra options, extra strategy, and three levels of questions—easy, medium and hard. Special zones allow you to take your opponents wedges and move their tokens for extra challenging play. 432 question-and-answer cards keep the variety of questions fresh. The perfect way to bring back a love of trivia games in your house!

Trivial Pursuit FamilyOne of the great things about gaming is that it’s the perfect way to get the family together, and the Trivial Pursuit Family Edition is just the thing fpr your next family game night. The Kid Card questions are just right for younger players, while the Adult Cards questions challenge older players on their own level. So everyone gets in on the trivia fun—and everyone has a chance to win! The Family Edition features 600 cards in 6 fun categories: People & Places, Good Times, Yesterdays, Art & Culture, Created World, Games & Leisure.

The music industry is a perfect subject for trivia buffs, and these two special collector’s edition sets: Beatles Trivial Pursuit and Rolling Stones Trivial Pursuit, are perfect for music fans and players of a certain age demographic!

Beatles EditionHow well do you know The Beatles? The Beatles Trivial Pursuit is the first-ever completely authorized Beatles trivia board game. Included are card holders featuring famous photos of The Fab Four, a custom rock ‘n’ roll Beatles die, three difficulty levels, and six trivia categories: History, Songs, Albums and Singles, Movies, Beatles in America, and On Their Own. With over 2,500 questions covering two decades of everything Beatles, this game is mandatory for any true fan!

Sure it’s only rock ‘n’ roll… but you’ll like the Rolling Stones Trivial Pursuit. For the first time ever, one of the most legendary rock ‘n’ roll bands teams up with America’s favorite trivia game so fans can get some satisfaction by showing off all they know about The Rolling Stones. With over 2,000 questions from six categories covering the band’s history, music, accomplishments and more, there’s enough trivia for fans of all levels. So get your friends and neighbors together for a game you’ll want to play ‘til the whip comes down! Includes custom die and playing pieces featuring the iconic Licks logo.

For something completely different, check out Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas Trivial Pursuit. This special Quick Play edition features over 400 questions ranging in difficulty level from easy to medium to hard, for those fans of the movie—or your favourite Goth—who know all about the residents of Halloween Town. This travel-size game includes six categories of questions featuring: the Pumpkin King, Halloween Town, Christmas Town, Trick-or-Treat, Songs and Behind The Scenes, in addition to a custom die and a coffin-shaped box for easy storage and on-the-go screaming fun!

The endless popularity of Trivial Pursuit has also meant that new versions of the game are being created all the time. Take for example the Bet You Know It Edition. This edition introduces high stakes betting to trivia; players bet on whether or not their opponents know the answer to a question. Guess correctly and you’ll earn chips that can be used to buy wedges—or you can earn wedges by answering questions correctly on your turn. On each turn you’re able to choose your favorite from one of four rotating topic cards in the specially designed Mixologist envelope. So, players may answer a Geography question about Dogs, Breakfast, Broadway, or Jingles. 1,800 fresh questions on 300 cards also feature a variety of new styles including images and multiple choice. With a chance to earn a wedge on every turn—victory is that much closer!

Finally the Trivial Pursuit Steal Card Game is the first ever Trivial Pursuit card game that combines traditional question and answers with the strategy of stealing your opponents’ wedges, all in a quick-play card game that you can enjoy in 15 minutes.

As you can see, things have come a long way from the basic Trivial Pursuit set that we all remember. So it’s time to brush off those brain cells, get friends and family together, and have a trivia night? Your first question is as follows: “what year was Trivial Pursuit invented?”