Guide your expedition through hazardous terrain and hostile territory, exploring the wonders of Isla Dorada while you compete to find the most treasure among your fellow explorers. Designed by Bruno Faidutti (Citadels) with the help of Alan R Moon (Ticket to Ride), Andrea Angiolino and Piergiorgio Paglia (Wings of War), Isla Dorada is a board game of strategic bidding and exploration for 3-6 players.

In Isla Dorada, players join together to form a shipwrecked 1934 expedition, navigating through a mysterious and treasure-ridden island. However, since each player is competing to be the one explorer to find the most treasure, they each have their own treasure maps and their own secret motivations. To move the expedition, players bid cards that allow them to move the expedition through certain terrain. Control the direction of the expedition to serve your own agenda, and you’ll leave Isla Dorada as the wealthiest explorer!

Isla Dorado is a charming boardgame with gorgeous artwork and a classic European-style design. Game designer Bruno Faidutti considers it his best game design!

Isla Dorada includes: 1 full-color rulebook, Gold tokens, 1 game board, 1 expedition figure, 1 Bigfoot figure, and 1 Leviathan figure, 19 tokens and markers, 224 goal cards and adventure cards, and 6 helpful reference sheets.