Conquest of Planet Earth

Conquest of Planet EarthFlying Frog Games continue their habit of releasing excellent games with extremely long and unwieldy titles with the brand new Conquest of Planet Earth: The Space Alien Game—available now!

This is the first time Flying Frog have not used their trademark photographs-of-actors illustration style—instead the game is full of colourful, comic-style illustration that goes well with the classic theme of alien conquest and conflict.

Fans of Tim Burton’s film Mars Attacks! (now that’s a much catchier title!) will feel right at home in this game. It is the 1950s, and a massive alien armada has emerged from the deepest reaches of space with a single goal… to conquer the planet Earth! But mankind will not be swept away easily. As wave upon wave of alien saucers descend from the heavens to unleash total destruction, Captain Fantastic, Earth’s mightiest superhero, rallies humanity’s defenses. Flying saucers dogfight with jet fighters over the skies of the capitol and heavy army tanks roll through the streets to defend against waves of robotic soldiers and tentacled alien fiends.

Though the primitive humans are ripe for defeat, the aliens may be their own worst enemy. Old rivalries flare and ambitions ignite amongst the varied alien races of the armada as they do anything to gain the favor of their Overseer masters, including undermining and betraying one another to ultimately achieve the sole glory of… the Conquest of Planet Earth!

Flying Frog are known for their atmospheric, immersive games based on classic fantasy and science-fiction themes—Last Night on Earth: The Supernatural Game, A Touch of Evil: The Supernatural Game, and the recent Invasion from Outer Space: The Martian Game. Conquest of Planet Earth: The Space Alien Game marks a bit of a departure for the company. Instead of playing characters fighting zombies, alien invaders or supernatural monsters, each player is a different alien race—there are ten classic, campy alien sterotypes to choose from, from space amazons to robots to humanoid lizards—competing to create the most terror in the human population to score a victory. Your race will have a number of actions each turn to explore the modular board (discovering the size of the human population and the strength of their defenses), and fight the endless platoons of human soldiers and their primitive military technology. They do have a couple of tricks up their human sleeve however, including a superhero and the dreaded atomic bomb! There might even be time for a bit of alien backstabbing along the way to get ahead of the other invaders!

There are also two ways to play Conquest of Planet Earth: The Space Alien Game: competitively and co-operatively. In the challenging co-operative game the alien races must work together to defeat the humans. A special Human Resistance track keeps track of the strength of the humans and their efforts to fight back. And finally, the co-operative game has a solo play mode!

Not only is there a lot of variety in the way you can play the game, but the box is chock-full of fantastic components of the quality we’ve come to expect from Flying Frog—glossy full colour illustrated cards, detailed plastic miniatures, and of course the ubiquitous CD soundtrack of original music!

Like all Flying Frog games, this is a random, crazy, fun game, so put your ‘Euro’ mechanics and deep strategies on hold, and plunge into the fast-paced raygun-toting, death-ray blasting, alien-invading fun of Conquest of Planet Earth: The Space Alien Game!

1 Full Color Rulebook
5 Game Board Sections
20 High-detail Plastic Miniatures Featuring:
4 Green Player Saucers
4 Blue Player Saucers
4 Red Player Saucers
4 Gold Player Saucers
4 Unique Ally Figures in Grey
70 Card Event Deck
35 Card Resistance Deck
25 Card Space Stuff Deck
35 Card Location Deck
6 Card Human Tech Deck
1 Double-Sided Objective Location Card
10 Large Alien Race Sheets
1 Large Resistance Phase Sheet
4 Reference Cards
8 Small White Dice
8 Small Red Dice
1 CD Soundtrack of Original Music
3 Sheets of Full Color Die-cut Counters