Rune AgeFantasy Flight Games have just announced a new deck-building game set in their ever-expanding Runebound universe—Rune Age!

Ever since the release of Dominion, deck-building games have become the latest phenomenon in game design, and this looks like an exciting addition to the genre, with all the high production quality and rich theme for which FFG is known. Check out my earlier article on deck-building games for more information about this style of card game.

But what of Rune Age? Created by the amazingly prolific and talented Corey Konieczka, designer of great games like Battlestar Galactica, Runewars, Starcraft and Tide of Iron, Rune Age is set in the Runebound fantasy world of Terrinoth. 2-4 players each control a faction, raising armies, taking control of cities, and obliterating their foes. One interesting twist is that the game is scenario-driven, so the victory objectives, and even the type of game—co-operative or competitive—change according to the scenario chosen. There are four included in the base game and no doubt the inevitable expansions will see more available in the future!

The four factions will be familiar to players of Runewars: the noble human Daqan Lords, the enigmatic Latari Elves, the demonic Uthuk Y’llan, and the undead legions of Waiqar the Undying. All of the factions have their own strengths and weaknesses and unique deck-building strategies.

Each player has a Home Realm—which they may have to protect while attacking their opponents’ home realms, depending on the scenario—and faction-specific Unit cards. In addition, shared Gold cards, Neutral Unit cards, and Tactics cards give the players further defensive and offensive options.

No word yet on a release date, but you can be sure this exciting new game will be available at Games Paradise as soon as it’s released. Stay tuned for more information!