Queen Games

Several fantastic new releases have come in from popular boardgame publisher Queen Games, and they’re going out at great prices!

New York
New York in the early 1930s—the city is in the middle of a construction boom. Skyscrapers are shooting out of the ground like mushrooms. As a player, you get involved in all the planning and building work as you help to create a fascinating metropolis bit by bit! Players collect four types of currencies and use those funds to purchase tiles that they assemble into their own mini-metropolis, connecting the paved street edges on the tiles to create a coherent network of roads. The building tiles come in six colors, and players score for their holdings three times during the game, earning points for having the most of a color as well as for their longest road.

The easy-to-learn playing mechanism of this independent game is based on Alhambra, the Game of the Year 2003 by multiple award-winning bestseller game designer Dirk Henn.

Shogun: Tenno’s Court Expansion
Experience the mystery and intrigue of the Imperial Court in this strategic expansion to Shogun that allows players to send officials to the Imperial Court in the hopes of gaining favours from the Emperor.

In the original game Shogun, set during the Sengoku or ‘Warring States’ period (approximately AD1467-1573) in Japan, each player assumes the role of a great Daimyo with his troops. Each Daimyo has the same 10 possible actions to develop his kingdom and secure points. To do so he must deploy his armies with great skill. Each round, the players decide which of the actions are to be played out and in which of their provinces. If battle ensues between opposing armies, the unique ‘Cubetower’ plays the leading role: the troops from both sides are thrown in together and the cubes that fall out at the bottom show who has won immediately. Owning provinces, temples, theaters, and castles means points when scores are tallied. Whichever Daimyo has the highest number of points after the second tally becomes Shogun!

Granada—artisans, traders and entire families have settled at the foot of the Sierra Nevada, because the palace of Alhambra promises all people work, contracts and above all prosperity.

Granada is new member of the Alhambra family with a more challenging character: in this stand-alone game the players develop the city of Granada, where the famous palace and fortress complex of Alhambra stands, by buying building tiles to construct the city which will earn the most victory points. Building tiles now have two sides and there are new building types for which the value is set during the game. If you like strategic tile-laying and hand-management games, you’ll love Granada.

Discover India
In Discover India, players, as part of a tourist group, travel through this fascinating country and discover its different cultures, traditions, and sights. Tile-by-tile they collect various symbols to build a pattern called Kolam—a Kolam is a geometrical line drawing composed of curved loops, drawn around a grid pattern of dots—and the player who creates the longest sequences of these symbols receives the most victory points.

Take advantage of these great deals on these beautiful strategic ‘Euro-style’ games from one of the boardgame world’s most respected publishers.