Summoner WarsSummoner Wars Reinforcement Packs are here: Grungor’s Charge and Rukar’s Power!

If you have yet to discover the awesome card combat game Summoner Wars, you’re missing out on one of the best new games around! Simple to learn but full of strategic possibilities, Summoner Wars has caused a stir in the gaming world. All you need to begin is a starter set, which includes two faction decks, a playsheet (though the separate premium gameboard is definitely a worthy purchase), some wound counters and dice.

These two brand new faction reinforcment decks re designed to bolster the forces already in the two starter sets: Grungor’s Charge adds to the Guild Dwarves faction from Guild Dwarves Vs Cave Goblins, and Rukar’s Power reinforces the Tundra Orcs from Phoenix Elves vs. Tundra Orcs.

Each pack adds 32 new cards—new troops and champions to bring to the War for Itharia, and adding the excitement and challenge of deck construction to the game.

Bring your faction to victory and glory in the Summoner Wars!