Mighty Battles in the Age of Magic! In the world of the Two Suns, the time of the Great Changing is coming! While mighty armies clash, powerful mages with godlike powers unleash the forces of magic on the battlefield, pursuing their own mysterious goals.

In Magestorm, players control the mystical powers of one of four different mages—the Firemage, Airmage, Druid, or Fate Guardian—and lead into battle one of the two complete armies included in this starter box: the human Kragis or the elf-like Lausjan. Only by perfecting a strategy that balances magic-use with military skill will you achieve victory!

Enter a world of high magic and bloody melees with Magestorm! Magestorm is a new fantasy board game series where you will finally be able to play fantasy battles as you dream them to be. Powerful magicians wielding god-like powers will call storms of fire from the sky, move hills, raze woods, invoke fear into the hearts of hundreds of enemies. At the same time, mighty armies will clash on the field of battle, and victory can only be achieved by the perfect combination of magic-using and military skill.

With top-level components and incredible replayability provided by the combination of different armies, mages, and scenarios, the first boxed set of Magestorm is just the beginning of an endless series of fantasy battles.