World of Warcraft

The World of Warcraft Trading Card Game enters its fifth year with World of Warcraft Cataclysm content. Worgen and Goblin factions are allying with the Alliance and Horde respectively, and you’ll be able to align with the Dragonkin. Races discover new powers as Blood Elves take up the Warrior mantle and Dwarves master the slinging of Mage spells. Master Heroes Ysera and Alexstraza make perfect additions to those preparing for Deathwing’s return.

With all these cards and improved gameplay rules to streamline the player experience, Worldbreaker is guaranteed to shake things up in the World of Warcraft TCG!

The Worldbreaker set for the World of Warcraft TCG contains many lots to please fans of the fantastic trading card game, including:

The first Goblin and Worgen heroes and allies!
Loot items: Mottled Drake flying mount (with the Cataclysm release, can now be used in all old world areas of Azeroth!); Spooky Campfire with an alternate campfire graphic; Landro’s lil’ XT Action figure (an in-game pet that’s a permanent, rather than consumable, item).
New race/class combinations like Dwarf Shaman and Tauren Paladin.
Dragon master heroes like Alexstrasza and Heirloom gear.
Of course the set features 3 new cosmetic items to hunt for!

24 packs per box, 19 cards per pack. Grab the World of Warcraft Worldbreaker Booster Box now!