To arms! A harsh and lonely battlefield is the setting for the newly redesigned Stratego two-player board game. A removable fortress barrier sequesters your army from prying eyes whilst you prepare yourselves for a lengthy and glorious conflict. Utmost care must be taken as you place your men. From the lowliest scout to the highest-ranking marshal, all must make ready to encounter enemy bombs, defend the flag, and steel themselves to triumph over the foe. Skillful planning, a keen memory, and sleight of hand will be your allies. Onward, for King and for Country!

Stratego is a classic game full of adventure and surprises that has been delighting players since the 60s, and here it is in a completely new version. Each player has an army of 40 pieces of varying ranks. You are the commander in chief. Your task is to take your opponents flag while defending your own.

Order NowFirst, players secretly design the formation for their pieces. Obviously, your opponent must not know how you plan to defend your flag; but you must also ensure that your formation provides opportunities for attack. Then the Stratego fight begins. You sound out your opponents strength. Is your information really strong enough? Yes! Then its time for a decisive attack!