Airlines EuropeThe age of passenger aviation has begun! Courageous entrepreneurs establish the first airlines and compete for the few available licenses in the European air space. The rapidly growing market and the opportunity for high gains attracts high-powered investors, but only the ones that use their influence skillfully and their cash wisely will turn their investments into the most profitable airlines.

Alan R. Moon, the creator of the acclaimed Ticket to Ride series, as completely redesigned and refined two of his earlier games (Airlines and Union Pacific) to bring us Airlines Europe. At its heart, Airlines Europe is a stock game, with players earning points for the stock they hold in particular airline companies when one of the randomly determined scorings takes place. On a player’s turn, that player either expands an airline and claims a stock, plays stock onto the board and receives dividend, invests in a special airline called Air ABACUS or gets a certain amount of money from the bank. A player scores only for stock in play, but the value of an airline is determined by the value of the route licences that airline owns. This makes for difficult decisions about what to play when!

Airlines Europe is a fantastic ‘gateway game’ for players just discovering the wide world of boardgames, but it’s also fun and full of interesting decisions for experienced gamers. This beautifully produced game includes 1 board, 135 cards, 112 airplanes, 20 markers, 84 victory point tiles, 70 bank notes, 4 bonus connection markers, 5 game summary cards, and rules.