If there’s one constant about games, it’s that they all need a set of rules that players must follow—or do they? Fluxx is the card game where the rules are always changing as the game is played! If you like crazy, chaotic, thematic fun, Fluxx is the game for you—and there are plenty of versions to choose from.

Of course every game has to start somewhere, and Fluxx starts with one basic rule: draw one card, play one card. You start with a hand of three cards, add the card you drew to your hand, and then choose one card to play, following the directions written on your chosen card. As cards are drawn and played from the deck, the rules of the game change from how many cards are drawn, played or even how many cards you can hold at the end of your turn. Needless to say, things quickly become chaotic!

Fluxx 4.0
Here it is, the latest version of the basic Fluxx card game, now with 100 cards (including cards previously available only as promos). Remember, even the object of the game will often change as you play, as players swap out one Goal card for another. Can you get the Rocket to the Moon before someone changes the goal to Death by Chocolate?

Fluxx is published by Looney Labs and is designed for 2-6 players, ages 8 to adult. A game can take anywhere from 3-30 minutes to play!

Zombie FluxxZombie Fluxx
Zombie Fluxx takes the award-winning card game Fluxx and cranks up the fun with a Zombie uprising! The Zombies arrive in the form of a new type of card, called the Creeper, which hangs around in front of you, preventing you from winning.

The good news is, the Creepers include a Shotgun and a Chainsaw and various other things you can use as weapons against the Zombies. Plus you’ve got Sandwiches and Coffee and a couple of Friends to help you win. The bad news is, if your Friends become Zombies, you’ll have to destroy them. Welcome to the dark side of Fluxx …

Martian Fluxx
First zombies, now Martians! Martian Fluxx brings you the chaotic fun of Fluxx with a classic ‘Invasion from Mars’ story! The players are Martians determined to destroy the Pathetic Humans who are represented as Creeper cards. Martian Fluxx has Flying Saucers, Giant Tripod War Machines, Tentacles, Ray Guns, a Mothership, and of course, a Space Modulator. Other Creepers include Germs, the Army, and the Important Human (required for the Take Us To Your Leader Goal). Get your tentacles on a copy of Martian Fluxx before the Humans escape from the Abduction Chamber!

Monty Python Fluxx
And there was much rejoicing! Who would have guessed a company called Looney Labs who make a chaotic, funny card game with ever-changing rules would release a Monty Python-themed version? But then, nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! Now run off and buy a copy of Monty Python Fluxx, before I taunt you a second time!

Stoner Fluxx
Stoner Fluxx is a wacky tobaccy-themed version of the hit card game Fluxx. It’s about toking with your friends, getting the munchies, and of course, changing the rules. Back by popular demand, this bigger, bolder edition features 16 new cards (including three Creepers!) with new color artwork in a nicer, larger box. Of course, it’s all just hypothetical fun—that stuff is against the law you know!

Family Fluxx
Proving that the folks at Looney Labs like to cover all types of genres and players, play Fluxx over three generations of family fun with Family Fluxx! Easy enough for children, yet still challenging for adults, Family Fluxx is the perfect card game for maximum family fun. Grandma thinks she’s got the win in the bag when she plays the Grandparent Bonus, but oh no! Dad just played the Happy Birthday Goal and Junior’s hand is hiding the Gift and Cake Keepers…

Pirate Fluxx
Yarr! Grab yer Cutlass! Pirates have taken over Fluxx, the ever-changing card game, and their rules be new and strange. There’ll be times ye must Talk Like A Pirate, and rules about how ye can Plunder from yer mates. But the most excitin’ treasure fer Fluxx fans new and old is the Surprise!—a new card type that you play out of turn! Your trusty Monkey can watch over the Gold Doubloons while you commandeer Ships on the high seas, but only Fruit can protect you from Scurvy. You’ll enjoy the privileges of wearing the Captain’s Hat... but watch out for Mutiny amongst the crew!

So next time you get sick of following the rules—break ’em with a game or two of Fluxx!