Gears of WarIt’s been a long, long time in development limbo, but today Fantasy Flight Games finally announced Gears of War: The Board Game, a game based on the popular video game series of FPS science-fiction combat. It’s the troops of Delta squad versus the relentless subterranean Locust Horde on the planet Sera, in a cooperative game for 1-4 players. Yep, that’s solo play as well. The previews of the figures look spectacular, the artwork is stunning, and the system is by the incredibly prolific Corey Konieczka. I hope they’re paying that man well because he is really churning out the great games for Fantasy Flight!

Fans of the game Doom (and I’m definitely one of them; it’s one of my favourite games) will see a lot to like here. However unlike Doom the game is cooperative, and pits the players against one of seven included missions on a randomly-constructed board. Also promised is a ‘terrifyingly intelligent’ game system that gives each enemy an individual style and keeps the pressure on throughout the game.

Stay tuned here at the Games Paradise blog and we’ll keep you posted on when this great new game is available!