New PhyrexiaA World Reborn.

It came not in the form of a noble struggle, a fair contest of warriors clashing will against will, but as a wave of unstoppable slaughter. Mirran partisans resisted bravely, using their wits and magic to fend off the onslaught that originated from inside their own world. But their efforts were for naught. Phyrexia is victorious. The Grand Compleation is achieved. Mirrodin now goes by a different name: New Phyrexia.

New Phyrexia is the third set of the Scars of Mirrodin block for Magic: The Gathering. It is available as a Booster Box containing 36 booster packs, each containing 15 cards; a Fat Pack, with two 60 card deck boxes, nine boosters, eighty land cards, a spin down life counter, a player’s guide and a reusable, full art storage box, or as Booster Packs containing 15 cards.