HeroScapeIf you’ve so far missed out on the phenomenon of HeroScape, the Swarm of the Marro Master Set is a fantastic place to start!

For years, the Marro have been summoned to Valhalla. Rumors are spreading that a hive of Marro predators is hidden deep within the jungle. Heroes unite to stop them from contaminating the world.

The object of Heroscape is to create your own battlefield, choose your army, and war against your opponent for the land of Valhalla. Players alternate turns; on your turn, you complete three actions, using dice and army cards. Strategy comes into play as you choose your forces and send them up against your opponent in an attempt to achieve your victory objective. Play one of the nine provided scenarions, or create your own!

This build-and-battle game set includes 24 beautifully painted miniature warriors and 75 interlocking terrain pieces. There are swamp, water, rock, and land tiles to create and customize your own battlefield, and an instruction booklet is provided to help you form the terrain. The pieces click easily into place and the landscape is limited only by your imagination. After you construct the terrain, it is time to form your army, with warriors, aliens, acid, drones, and stingers, each with their own strengths.

Following the success of the original, this second Master Set is perfect for anyone who enjoys miniature gaming, but doesn’t have the time or inclination to learn complex rules systems or construct and paint figures. The figures included are intricately detailed and pre-painted and the rules are easy to learn, so after setting up your battlefield you can get right into the gaming without delay!

Order NowHeroScape has lots of small pieces and setting up the terrain requires a bit of effort, so it’s not a game for small children. For anyone from early teens to adulthood however, it’s the perfect fast-playing miniature gaming system! And even though HeroScape is no longer in production, there are many expansions sets still available and endless hours of gaming fun to be had. Grab this set before it becomes a hard-to-get rarity!