The DragonUntold ages hence, a powerful wizard waged an epic battle with the Dragon King who ruled over the Firelands. Unable to slay the Dragon King, the wizard devised a ritual, using his most powerful magic to uproot the Dragon King’s tower, stone by stone, and banished the Dragon Lord into a horrible black void. Free to enter the Valley of Fire, the sacred birthplace of dragonkind, the wizard forged the Crown of Command in its eldritch fires. Now, eons later, the unceasing prayers of the Dragon Cults have been answered. Three of the Draconic Lords have returned.

More Talisman fun is on the way from Fantasy Flight Games! The Dragon expansion has just been announced. There’s a new double-sided inner region board to explore, over 300 new tokens and cards, new rules, six new characters with miniatures, and of course, a fantastic Dragon King miniature!

Three new Draconic Lords vie for rulership of the Firelands—Varthrax, Cadorus, and Grillpus. Each has his own personality and strengths, and is an awesome opponent.

Look out for more news about this exciting expansion in future.