First it was Shogun, then it was Samurai Swords—now, a whole new generation can enjoy the last game in the original Milton Bradley Gamemaster series in this brand new, completely visually redesigned version from Wizards of the Coast: Ikusa!

Ikusa focuses on the chaotic feudal society of Japan during the sixteeth century. War rages across the land. Amid the chaos and conflict, players are one of five warlords mighty enough to extend their domain, defend their strongholds from their enemies, and defeat other armies for the right to be called Shogun. Send your daimyo leaders, samurai, and ashigaru warriors into battle to seize new provinces and lay siege to castles. Spend your hard-won treasury on building fortifications and bolstering your forces with ronin and ninja.

Prove the strength of your strategy, defeat your rivals, and earn the exalted title of supreme ruler!

The rules of this classic game have not been changed, but the box and game board design have been radically improved, with a new ‘period feel’ for the map. All of the classic sculptures used for the figures are back with new colors. If you’re a fan of involved, empire-level strategy and classic ‘dudes on a map’ games like Axis & Allies, Conquest of the Empire and Conquest of Nerath, now is the time to grab this fantastic game in this beautiful new version. Check out this detailed review on Boardgamegeek.

Contents: 1 rulebook, 1 game board, 1 deck of 72 Province cards, 436 durable, plastic play pieces, 6 12-sided dice, 5 reference screens and army cards, 5 planning trays, 5 turn order markers, 12 battle markers, 1 flag-label sheet.