A couple of weeks back I asked Games Paradise Blog readers to send in their suggestions and let me know what they’d like to see added to this blog or improved. Well, we got some great feedback, and I’d like to personally thank those that wrote in for giving us their time and thoughts. And a copy of No Thanks! and Saboteur should be on the way to you as an extra thankyou!

Here are a few extracts from the feedback we received:

Louis wrote: I have been following this blog for a while. The articles can include more pictures (e.g. gameplay, content of the game). Video is another way to show us how the game’s played. Related games could be discussed. It’d be great if you can include the number of people who has viewed this article next to the article title. In that case, we know if this is a popular topic and would make us more curiously to read it.

Great thoughts Louis. I’ll definitely implement the ‘number of times viewed’ suggestion. More pictures of gameplay and game contents would be very useful for readers, and I’ll keep that in mind (stay tuned for another ‘game session’ overview coming up soon). We definitely need more video reviews too, and I’ll make sure I post more on the site.

Matthew Stosic wrote: I would love to see more player-created elements that can enhance my board games. Things like nicely polished rules summary cards and suggestions for alternate playing pieces or tokens to improve and personalise the look of the games in my collection. Even ways to pimp out the otherwise boring component-storage trays inside each game box.

Thanks Matthew! Getting players to submit player aids is a little beyond the scope of this blog, but there are endless files and suggestions for improving your games at BoardgameGeek. Also, my own Universal Head rules summaries and reference sheets are pretty well known among the gaming community and cover almost 200 games! You can find them at my personal blog. I occasionally link to the relevant summary when I’m describing a game, and I’ll make sure to do that more. I’ll also try and include more of my personal suggestions for personalising and improving games in future articles, and photos of my work in this area.

Steve suggested: Reviews of some older games that we might have missed first time around; a look at a particular game designer’s games with a bit of focus on any commonality in design; guest customers talking about their latest purchase; a guide to making gaming accessories; some discussion of gaming etiquette.

Excellent ideas all! There are some great old games I’d like to talk about, and it would be good to revisit some classics. Articles on particular game designers are a great idea. I would love to get more customer feedback on their favourite games and see the comments more active—perhaps we’ll need another competition to get things started! And an article on gaming etiquette—brilliant!

Starla Lester wrote to say: Wow, this is a great site! You are doing a lot right, so please take the suggestions in context with your contest. First, get the word out! Promote, promote, promote! Is there a possibility of letting publishers know what themes gamers are interested in seeing developed? We get far too much of the same theme dressed up slightly differently. If you are promoting a category of themed games, be sure a newbie won’t mistakenly think the article title is the title of the single game in the picture next to the link. Not everyone will go into every article, and not everyone is keeping abreast of all the latest games, so there is a small possibility of misunderstanding. I don’t know if this is practical, but gamers tend to trust you more if you give them the straight scoop on a game than if you pretend that every game is spectacular and worthy of shelf space.

Some interesting ideas there—certainly some advertising wouldn’t go astray, and I’ll look into that. Unfortunately we have no influence with what publishers develop—perhaps customers will have to vote with their wallets! It’s a good idea to be careful about article titles, though of course I assume our readers read everything I write! 😉 As for giving the ‘straight scoop’, that’s a good point; obviously this isn’t an independent blog and we’re here to sell games, but I’ll always try to be as honest as possible about the good and not-so-good points of games I talk about.

Lindsay Scholle wrote: I really liked in the Pirates Ahoy! blog how you described your own game of Merchants and Marauders. It added colour to what might otherwise just been a list of pirate themed games. I’d like to read more of your gaming sessions, where you recreate the atmosphere of the game while explaining a bit about how it plays. I also like polls and think you could write some interesting ones that would get me coming back the next day to the blog to see the results.

I never seem to have as much gaming time as I’d like, but I’ve taken to describing and photographing game sessions lately and will be sure to write those up for the blog—in fact there’s one on the way very soon. I’ll be sure to bring polls back as well—I’ve been meaning to do that!

Simon wrote in to say: Probably the two things that have convinced me in the past to purchase games are the Dice Tower and Board Games With Scott. Both of these show video explanations of various board games. This doesn’t mean you need to post videos of the games, but showing a small sample, illustrating some of the decisions I’ll need to make during the game may go a long way to convincing me that a game is worth purchasing. I find the comparison between different games the most interesting, I think.

Some interesting thoughts and definitely worth keeping in mind when I write future reviews. Again, we’re not totally independent like those video reviewers, but I’ll definitely remember what gamers need to know when making their purchasing decisions, and make more comparisons with similar types of games. Thanks Simon!

Matthew’s suggestion was short and sweet: My suggestion is top 10 lists eg. Top 10 Party Games. Also more updates is always a good idea can never have enough of a good thing.

Glad you’re enjoying the blog Matthew! I try to keep the updates coming reguarly with usually one update a day. Top 10 Lists are an excellent idea and I’ll get some of those together!

Well, as you can see I got lots of great feedback. While the competition is over, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep sending me suggestions through the comment sections of each post, or via the Contact Us form at the bottom of every page.

I’d like this blog to be as useful and interesting as possible, so let us know what you’d like to see! And in the meantime, feel free to comment on any article and tell us what you think about a particular game, or even just tell us about a recent game session. We’d love to hear from you!