Twilight of the DragonsThe final battle for Azeroth takes center stage as Deathwing and his minions, the Black and Twilight Dragonflights, battle the heroes of the Horde and Alliance. All the themes of the Worldbreaker block continue on, including Worgens and Goblins, new race/class combinations, damage types, and specific keywords.

Twilight of the Dragons is the third and final set in the World of Warcraft Worldbreaker block.

There are 220 cards in the set (80 common, 55 uncommon, 20 hero, 55 rare, and 10 epic) and 24 packs per box. Each booster pack includes 20 cards: 19 game cards and 1 crafting card (loot cards are randomly inserted and replace hero cards).

The set features the Black and Twilight Dragonflights, led by Master Hero Deathwing himself. The stash keyword continues to evolve in this set as well. The loot cards are: Landro’s Lil’ Saber Cub (Common), Fool’s Gold (Uncommon), and Amani Dragonhawk Mount (Rare).

In this final set of the block, the Black and Twilight Dragonkin finally make their presence felt. The Black Dragonkin punish players indiscriminately for their transgressions, while the Twilight Dragonkin compel you to forge a path of destruction before unleashing their full power.

The flagship mechanic of the block continues in Twilight of the Dragons. Stash cards reward you when they go into your resource row from anywhere, and you’ll find Stash on allies, abilities, and equipment.

Rounding out the damage type theme of the block, Twilight of the Dragons focuses on Fire damage. You’ll find plenty of allies, ability, and equipment to burn away the opposition, including Deathwing and his minions.

The Twilight of the Dragons is here!