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Guest Video Review: Cosmic Encounter

Cosmic EncounterCosmic Encounter is a bona-fide classic in the boardgaming world, and after several companies releasing it since the mid-70s, Fantasy Flight’s is universally recognised as the definitive version.

If you’ve never played this fantastic, fun, incredibly sociable game you’re really missing out. Drakkenstrike’s comprehensive video is the perfect way to find out all about this classic. Many thanks again to Drakkenstrike for his video reviews!

Remember there are two expansions to the base game available: Cosmic Incursion and Cosmic Conflict.


  1. Nice review of Cosmic Encounter! It’s good enough to be the board game’s official tutorial. I suggest players recommend it as a guide for new players. Peter Olotka, designer Cosmic Encounter.

  2. Wow, it’s an honour to have you drop by sir! The 1978 Eon edition was my first boardgame, and it’s here next to me on the shelf as I write.

    Yes, all thanks to Drakkenstrike for his very professional reviews. I’ll pass on your kind words.

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