If there’s one night of the year that’s perfect for getting friends and family together to play boardgames, it’s Halloween night! Boardgames are perfect for horror and supernatural themes, and there’s monsters and zombies galore out there if you like a few chills with your gaming. Prepare yourself, and together we’ll investigate a few …

Elder SignWhen it comes to horror on Halloween, Fantasy Flight Games has it covered. Of course there are the old classics Fury of Dracula and Arkham Horror, but the latest addition to the horror boardgaming pantheon is Elder Sign, and it’s perfect for fun, fast halloween dice-rolling fun! Elder Sign is a cooperative dice game of supernatural intrigue for 1-8 players by Richard Launius and Kevin Wilson, the designers of Arkham Horror. Players take the roles of investigators racing against time to stave off the imminent return of the Ancient One. Armed with tools, allies, and occult knowledge, investigators must put their sanity and stamina to the test as they adventure to locate Elder Signs, the eldritch symbols used to seal away the Ancient Ones and win the game.

If you like Arkham Horror you’ll love Mansions of Madness, a macabre game of horror, insanity, and mystery for 2-5 players. Each game takes place within a pre-designed story that provides players with a unique map and several combinations of plot threads. These threads affect the monsters that investigators may encounter, the clues they need to find, and which climactic story ending they will ultimately experience. One player takes on the role of the keeper, controlling the monsters and other malicious powers within the story. The other players take on the role of investigators, searching for answers while struggling to survive with their minds intact. If you feel like re-enacting an H. P. Lovecraft story on Halloween with some friends, this is the game for you. Comes with 32 detailed plastic miniatures of the investigators and the horrors that await them (check out our painting guide).

The stars are right, and terrors from beyond space and time or breaking through… when Cthulhu rises, we’re all doomed… but whose downfall will be the most entertaining? In Atlas Games’s Cthulhu Gloom you control the fate of your Lovecraftian protagonists, guiding them down a path of horror and madness to an untimely death. Meanwhile, you’ll play positive cards on your opponents to keep them happy, healthy and annoying alive. The transparent cards reveal or obscure the effects of cards below, and the totals showing through determine your score. When one group finally falls prey to the interdimensional doom that awaits us all, whoever has suffered the most terrifying tale wins! The Cthulhu mythos is a perfect fit for the hilariously dark card game of Gloom, a game that brings new meaning to the description ‘dark humour’. This new standalone version of Gloom features Transformation cards that mutate a character for the remainder of the game, no matter which modifiers might come its way later; and what’s more, the character’s image is replaced with ‘something hideous and slimy’. Perfect for Halloween!

Betrayal at House on the HillAnother Halloween classic is Betrayal at House on the Hill, and the second edition is here from Wizards of the Coast. The creak of footsteps on the stairs, the smell of something foul and dead, the feel of something crawling down your back – this and more can be found in the exciting refresh of this Avalon Hill favorite. This fun and suspenseful game is a new experience almost every time you play—you and your friends explore ‘that creepy old place on the hill’ until enough mystic misadventures happen that one of the players turns on all of the others! Multiple scenarios and a different layout for every game cover just about every B-movie horror situation you can imagine—and then some! Hours of fun and chills for all your friends and family, and the ideal laugh-out-loud game for Halloween.

In Eaten By Zombies!, the brand new deck-building game direct from Essen, players strive to survive as the horde of the living dead make it their goal to force you to join the crowd. You must work with or against the other survivors to be the last one standing. No… not standing, cowering in the corner crying for their mommy.

This well-reviewed game is a combination of card drafting, hand management and survival horror with a few dirty tricks and a healthy dollop of dark humour thrown in. With a set of over thirty different cards to start with, no two games will ever be alike. Every turn you must venture out from your safe house and scavenge for Swag. But not so fast, because the undead have other plans for your brains. Every day a horde of fresh zombies will be waiting for you, and over time the threat gets greater. With the help of your swag (the cards in your hand) you must survive any way you can, and if you can escape or kill the horde, you may scavenge the remains of the desolate suburbs for more swag. With the right stuff and a few good friends to outrun, you may just make it through this alive… well, no probably not. But being the last one to die a slow, painful death means you can claim sole victory!

There’s just a few of the many, many boardgames available that are perfect for a scare and a laugh on Halloween night. Plan your scary boardgaming evening now!