Monopoly Madness

If you ever want to get a gamer into a discussion, mention Monopoly, that apogee of boardgame popularity that, like it or not, is the game that comes to the average punter’s mind when you mention ‘boardgames’. There’s a lot more to the world of boardgaming, but Monopoly is probably the most popular boardgame in the world, and definitely the game that has been released in more versions than any other, which—let’s face it—can sometimes seem a little strange considering that it’s a game about buying and selling on the property market.

Why is it so popular? Probably because it has become such a core part of our popular culture, and that everyone has cherished memories of playing Monopoly with their family as a kid. Plus, there’s a version or edition of Monopoly to suit virtually every taste: according to Hasbro, more than 275 million Monopoly games have been sold worldwide, it’s available in 111 countries, in 43 languages, and since 1935 more than one billion people have played the game.

A search for Monopoly on the Games Paradise site brings up a huge variety of Monopoly variations. There’s sure to be a themed version of Monopoly perfect for you or a friend or family member.

If you like films, relive your favourite movie moments and characters with the Superman Returns Collector’s Edition, the Chronicles of Narnia Edition, Pirates of the Caribbean or Pirates of the Caribbean: on Stranger Tides editions. TV shows aren’t forgotten either: how about The Office Collector’s Edition or the Seinfield Edition?

If you’d like something different from the usual American or London placenames, you could try a little virtual traveling with the Las Vegas Edition, or head to the east coast with Monopoly New York City.

Your favourite hobby is sure to be represented in Monopoly form: what lover of our furry feline friends could resist the Cat Lovers Edition, for example, or perhaps you’d prefer the Fishing Edition (just don’t let one near the other!) Or perhaps the Harley Davidson Legendary Bikes Edition is more your speed.

Music fans will go crazy over The Beatles Collector’s Edition and the Elvis 75th Anniversary Collector’s Edition, which both celebrate the greatest music-makers of our times.

There’s even a Monopoly game to fit right into your sleek modern decor—the Onyx edition, featuring cool black and silver accents throughout!

Kids can get started playing the world’s favourite game early with My First Monopoly, that includes a talking Mr Monopoly who guides you around the Monopoly town; and Monopoly Junior, a specially-designed version that turns the board into an amusement park!

Monopoly LiveMonopoly isn’t just about specially themed editions however; the game keeps appearing in new forms, portable, electronic, and even an iPhone and iPad version.

Monopoly Here And Now: The Australian Electronic Version brings Monopoly into the 21st century by using debit cards instead of cash and features an Electronic Banking unit and collectable gold tokens. If you prefer something a little more portable, check out the Monopoly Deal Card Game, a fast-paced, addictive card game where you collect three complete property sets—but beware Debt Collectors, Forced Deals and the dreaded Deal Breakers, which could change your fortunes at any time!

Monopoly really got a big makeover with Monopoly Revolution: not only does it come with a rocking soundtrack with sounds and music from the past five decades, the property values on the board have skyrocketed. Lucky you collect a cool two million every time you pass GO! It also features added hi-tech features like sound effects and an electronic banking unit to track your growing fortune. But the main change is a round board! This super-stylish Monopoly is full of fun features that will bring your favorite property-trading game to life.

The latest new version is Monopoly Live, and it’s something pretty special. For a start, the game’s classic Monopoly Money and the nomination of a Banker have been removed—even the dice have gone, all to be replaced by a computer tower that runs the game. This ten-inch high tower sits in the centre of the board, keeping its eye on the game via IR technology. It rolls the dice, counts the money, and makes sure your counters remain where they should be! Players interact with the game by waving their hands over sensors on the board—making dice rolling unnecessary. Plus, the tower can initiate surprise events such as races and auctions as you play.

So, even if your a ‘hardcore’ gamer, it’s time to have another look at good old Monopoly. There’s a reason it’s the best selling boardgame of all time!