NinjatoIn 12th century Japan, the Minamoto and Taira clans vie for power while retired Emperor Go-Shirakawa plays his rivals against one another. One of the three factions will triumph to impose the coming social order. In the shadow of these elite powers, a few ninja scheme to exploit the chaos. Daring raids, skill mastery, and subtle intrigue are essential to establishing one’s honor. When the new era dawns, one ninja will flourish as the Ninjato, the Invisible Sword of the ruling family.

Joel Eddy of DriveThru Reviews is our guest this week, with this great video review of the upcoming Ninjato from Z-Man Games.

This game is particularly close to my heart because I did the graphic design for it! To celebrate its impending release, I’ll be writing a ‘design diary’ article on the creation of the graphics, plus featuring an interview with Adam West of Crosscut games, one of the game designers.